2018 England Bid Promotional Video


24 Responses to “2018 England Bid Promotional Video”

  1. kizaman says:

    always part of the financial crises. delay.

  2. kakaAChero says:

    my God, we did not win!

  3. Mike Lazenby says:

    Laughed so hard at the Milton Keynes image.And you can not piss out of Sheffield, which is started football. We have the world’s oldest club (Sheffield FC) and the world’s oldest ground.

  4. Baron Von Bangerang says:

    This is probably my biggest success ever. Create an irreverent, quickly knocked piss take video of my own country that I forgot until recently, and find upon return that has somehow managed to convince anyone, let alone a whole series of angry commenteers that it is not only serious, but in many cases the actual real, official application video ….. I certainly have to win some kind of brilliant unintentional trolling internet price? I win at life!

  5. genasa2 says:

    Russia and win! uppps epic fail!

  6. blabla23451 says:

    come on get over it already hosted a World Cup you have to do another country. Be good sport and accept that you lost the offer, stop saying shit about other countries!

  7. molvicorleone says:

    lol @ all the dislikes.

  8. Abuzwebstar says:

    Really a shame that 2018 is not to mention toilet shit by 2020. This current FIFA President football rep has no mercy I hope he gets caught and goes to jail. In a male husband and I watch every World Cup know.I wont to Brazil.

  9. meunier251 says:

    I think the whole thing was a joke lol

  10. thegreendestiny says:

    Blatter has said that England had the best technical bid but forgot to mention how boring it made his wird.England China rich? This is a fun. China to your country rich, if you stole their resources and they enslaved. Now you can not shit out of them and so you are swimming in debt to get your pathetic system upright.

  11. JamesCunnyy says:

    England to borrow from Russia and China to pay for it o yer haha ​​silly me, oh fuck off you bastard, this is America we are not daft countries borrow from them at all, sebb Blatter also mention, and many others that the thought that England had guessed the best technical bid then 48 hours later, which no one voted for us why Russia mafia i pay maybe yep right it has not in the sense, that is, that china made England rich could ever ask from Hong Kong?

  12. steg123456 says:

    The English invented penicillin? It was invented in Scotland: L

  13. TheDelibrifier says:

    You honestly think Russkies, you will make a decent World Cup? … Pitty you i … Your country has terrible racism problems .. FIFA have made a very big mistake, they have only gone and pised from England, Australia, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Japan, S.Korea, etc … when they all left FIFA, then … The two finalists would not be there, the largest Asian football nations would not be there … ETC … 2018 WorldCup be pointless

  14. thegreendestiny says:

    The spokesman forgot to mention that Russia without borrowing to host the games, while England has billions (from Russia and China) to borrow only to pay for spending too much. Lol.

  15. CathFrey says:


  16. M1ghtymorph1n says:

    Mmmm … Tasty british butthurt …

  17. TheMasha69 says:

    Of course, Russia win. This was clear from the outset, it was clear favaritam! Russia are the best! Remember!

  18. Andrew Walker says:

    what is the song called

  19. krismal92 says:

    great video! u invented to lose! hahahhahahahhahahhaha

  20. Storch8 says:

    Fuck england russia 4 ever

  21. Polymermaker says:

    Thank you for giving us the UK football)))

  22. RickyForStation says:

    The only good thing that came from Kazakhstan, Borat was. Oh wait, he is English, how silly of me.

  23. RickyForStation says:

    The only good thing that came from Kazakhstan, Borat. Oh wait, he is English, how silly of me.

  24. RickyForStation says:

    You must realize that this is a British jokes about the pee and of course his arrogance which is the whole point.

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