2026 FIFA World Cup: Some African FA leaders throw weight behind Morocco’s bid


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  1. asd says:

    The bid is beyond Trump. Trump can make so much noise but football is as influential as their NRA. Morocco had been arrogant in the past and would rather be Arab than African. Morocco insulted the African continent in 2015 by refusing to host the Nations Cup and further slapped us in the face by proposing a new date for the tournament. Their discrimination and effrontery was noted and African countries paid them back in their coin. They should even be thanking African countries for voting them at all.

    Had they hosted that nations cup, I can bet 90% of African countries will vote them. The West Africans who were highly affected by Ebola still voted the Moroocan bid so don;t read too much politics to the votes

  2. Julian Harden says:

    You guys hits't even support Morocco. UNITED 2026 !!!

  3. العلم غداء الروح says:

    Morroci 2026

  4. Bouqal Harley says:

    African countries should remember what Trump called african countries, he called them ''shithole countries'' its time to show Trump that shithole countries will be voting against him. Africans should have balls to stand up.

  5. Abdel Zawit says:

    only schit hol countries do what trump says en vote for him do dont have balls to say no . like leberia. zimbabwe . south africa = pussysen schit hol for 2 or 3 $ dollar . very chip . schit hol

  6. Abdel Zawit says:

    its time to afrikans to grow sam bals

  7. Zuhair Vlogs says:


  8. Zuhair Vlogs says:

    it's an african Bid we should be with morocco Africa host WC just for one time after 100 year it's a shame

  9. المغرب الأفضل says:

    Morocco ✌

  10. v says:


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