2026 World Cup: The cash, politics behind the profitable joint bid


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  1. luisde9797 says:

    New Jersey❤❤❤

  2. African Rule says:

    0:43 Why is it funny that Morocco was the competition? What's up with the superiority complex?

  3. Jyo 8 says:

    How is it that countries that don't really have an interest in football win a bid to host the world cup? They don't place very much importance, money, publicity or air time on the sport. It should always be a country in Europe, Africa or South America that wins the bid. A country that actually calls the game football and not soccer should win the bid, always.

  4. Felipe Uebio says:

    Brazil? Wrong!

  5. tracemusic777 says:

    You saw how he said (Cavuto) “come on” when the other guy said you should put on a scarf?

    Translation: hurry up, get to the point. I could care less about this topic I’m forced to talk about by my superiors.

    Other guy gets the hint then gets serious.

    BTW he is not proud that New Jersey could be hosting the final.

    Dude is mad fake!

  6. STFU 3 says:

    So three North American teams will get automatic qualification places when they get three spots does that mean no other North American country can qualify for the World Cup?

  7. Daniel Soegandhi says:

    America 75% Large Again!

  8. Edward Gross says:

    Another big win for President Trump, I understand he was instrumental in getting the deal across the line.

  9. Tony M says:

    Soccer keep that shit out. Boring watching 90 mins of guys running around. Soccer in North America is like a tree that doesn't grow.

  10. Top Mog says:

    Canada qualified for Mexico '86

  11. Jose V says:

    Women's cup doesn't qualify as a world cup. People don't care about it.

  12. Hassane Abida says:

    Donald tweet helped you. Please refrain from scaring non-soccer poor nations to vote for you. Most football world champions voted for Morocco like France Italy Brazil…I think this so-called Fifa is useless.

  13. Ziad Khalaf says:


  14. Hisham Hisham says:

    The man don't even know about soccer.. Do you know neymar?.. Oh youuu know neymar right.. US is too greedy this time and Trump threatened the voters countries

  15. The FakeAmerican says:

    My host Cities
    U. S. A
    Los Angeles (knew LA Stadium)
    New York/NJ (MetLife Stadium)
    Dallas (AT&T Stadium)
    Atlanta (Mercedes-Benz Stadium)
    San Francisco (Levi’s Stadium)
    Phoenix (University of Phoenix Stadium)
    Houston (NRG Stadium)
    Las Vegas (New Raiders Stadium)
    Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial Field)
    Seattle (CenturyLink Field)
    Minneapolis (U. S Bank Stadium)
    Miami (Rock Hard Stadium)

    Mexico City (Estadio Azteca)
    Monterrey (Estadio BBVA Bancomer) or Tigre’s new Stadium
    Guadalajara (Estadio Omnilife)
    Puebla (Estadio Cuauhtémo)

    Toronto (BMO Field) will have to be renovated to meat FIFA’s standards
    Montreal (Montreal Olympic Stadium)
    Vancouver (B. C Place)
    Edmonton (Commonwealth Stadium Edmonton)

  16. Nick Alexander says:

    Canada qualified in 1986.

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