Australia 2022 World Cup stadiums


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  1. Frohloff96 says:

    We are a country that is. The Olympics, which is probably the biggest event on earth, but they will not give us the opportunity, the World Cup were played I am a rugby league supporter, enjoys every sport and I think many would agree, Australia is certainly as capable of hosting the World Cup. (Ps we have already hosted the rugby and rugby league world and so many other sports competitions so why the hell not the Australian Football WMAufrichtigProud

  2. Mkskes15 says:

    Who wants to go to a hell of a country like Qatar! A lot more people would like to visit to Australia.

  3. pingurujvted says:

    Qatar fuck there would be nothing to do gibt.australien gro├čartig.ficken FIFA

  4. observingworld says:

    You missed a couple of tags for your video. “Brown” “envelopes” I hope that the vote will be canceled. Sepp Blatter could die one day.

  5. SportingSphere says:

    Revote. Could soon be official. This fine work could still lives simply not yet come!

  6. andy95258 says:

    I did not even know, countries like Qatar could offer to …

  7. Herb615 says:

    Australia can at least qualify for the Cup without hosting!

  8. Herb615 says:

    I’m not I do not visit Qatarweil welcome!

  9. AUSworldcuphosts2022 says:

    Australia can not offer again until at least 2034, and they will have to go to China and other Asian countries, we also need government support, and I doubt that we are back, because we can not guarantee that a different set of vote-rigging Cheats how not to win Qatar corruption, Australia hosted the only continent in the world that do not have a World Cup and Australia had everything needed to win the bid, with the heritage, the history of football, the best technical report and other

  10. GhostMedia666 says:

    Qatar should not even have been allowed to offer

  11. GhostMedia666 says:

    ur country is not any other sports that you do not have the potential was there football in Australia, with so many other sports, we had to work around these HOST FIFA it to Qatar has basically football destroyed in other emerging country that actually has potential. . well done Qatar. Australia now has to wait another 30 years or even longer for football to grow here. They also destroyed an old mans dream of hosting a World Cup, he is 80 and works every day for 6 years, to host it.

  12. MissAnastasiaful1 says:

    Well thats ur opinion ^ ^

  13. GhostMedia666 says:

    Another reason why you should not host Qatar, doing half of the country does not like sports! (The girls) …. FIFA worst decision ever made

  14. MissAnastasiaful1 says:

    in fact they can go, but if they arnt girls in our country really in football, what sport and there are girls who like football like, but they obviously dont World Cup cuz she can walk there from tv ^ ^

  15. brmxcommander says:

    Your contributions are Qatarbevor you bet … a glance ……. / Watch? V = IlVnz2QoDF4 …

  16. GhostMedia666 says:

    What is it like a lady in Qatar? go many girls at the World Championships, they are beheaded or cheering for their team go to jail, embrace when their team scores, talking hand in hand with other girls, who screamed her knees, breathe, move, wear colors that not black and white??

  17. MissAnastasiaful1 says:

    loll I never said the whole country ^ ^ But it could work: P

  18. GhostMedia666 says:

    for air conditioning will the whole country? even that might not be too hard I doubt Qatar is even greater than my suburb: p

  19. MissAnastasiaful1 says:

    Lol ^ ^ but there is AC

  20. GhostMedia666 says:

    are u going every single person say it was the best World Cup ever to? will pay?

  21. GhostMedia666 says:

    The best thing so any heat stroke maybe.

  22. GhostMedia666 says:

    lolwut Qatar’s 1.6 million people, there is no potential, none at all. Football in Australia is only the fourth fav sport .. Hosting the World Cup would be a long way, making it Australia’s favorite sport go. Grow grow grow australia importance and the best in world football, we are after all the best there is any sport.

  23. GhostMedia666 says:

    just do not.

  24. eminemisawesome2 says:

    Nice comment to him Herb ­čÖé

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