Australia’s 2018/2022 World Cup Bid Video


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  1. marty13612 says:

    Fifa are just money grubing, and thats why they put it in Qatar. Get ready for players to get Heat strokes on field.

  2. 18simonajax says:

    here is a reason to go to Qatar…

  3. Mkskes15 says:

    I know!! Like i’m not a huge soccer (football) fan but I would defiantely go to matches. Soccer (football) is the 3rd or 4th football code in Australia so this would give the sport a huge boast. And people would want to come to Australia. No one wants to go to Qatar.

  4. JinQb says:

    Not too mention the potential and future marketability to expand the sport within their respective continents. This is not going to do anything for Qatar or the middle east.

  5. JinQb says:

    Coming from the USA, I watched all bids and if you’re talking abuot potential and marketability for future expansion as most world cups in the past have, it should have gone to Australia. Qatar is a godaweful football national with a quarter of its players nationalized from other countries, ranked 208 in FIFA, and have strikers that cannot hit wide open nets from 5ft. USA and Australia were the only two reasonable bids that made sense. Corrupt FIFA board took the bribes from Qatar and Russia.

  6. buttersLFC says:

    No wonder we missed out.

  7. MrChowTheTroll says:

    Cityrail is not that bad (need a metro alongside), but then again, they need a bullet train between the eastern cities

  8. lozoft9 says:

    I’m from the US and you just dropped a bomb with this video. How the hell did it miss it’s mark!

  9. anbrin says:

    so true ahahaha

  10. anbrin says:

    lol how?

  11. RoyalRyno4 says:

    Qatar cheated, by the way. An Arab nation, one of the hottest of places with 0% chance of even qualifying? Australia or America should have won. They actually have the resources as well as infrastructure. PLUS safety, cause who knows how long revolutions are going to sprawl up in the Middle East.

  12. gabgabgab39 says:

    We are still the greatest country on the planet and also the only continent to never host the biggest sporting event on earth. (Although we have hosted the olympic games, commonwealth games, cricket wc, rugby wc, australian open, F1 grand prix, fifa U20 wc and many others.)

  13. SolidPRAWN says:

    FIFA board is corrupt. everyone here knows it. but even if there was no corruption… Australia would never of won. the slogan “come play” is so shit and embarrassing…. and the campaign in general was totally fucked up. Us Aussies dug ourselves a hole… a BIG fucking hole….

  14. biigism says:

    hahaha efficient! hahaha lol

  15. biigism says:

    too right Alex! hahahehe

  16. Alex21FBA says:

    ROFL at efficient transport systems BAHAHAHAHA

  17. Millzy3601 says:

    the majority of australians are not raciest we are one of the best countries there is

  18. TheCanada619 says:

    shitest video ever

  19. TheCanada619 says:

    but am i missing another member of the tri nation

  20. scarblade234 says:

    It would be grate to have the world cup but shouldnt we get something we can actually win??? Like the FIBA world championships. Basketball is the second biggest sport behind soccer. Aus is 9th in the world for basketball and climbing.

  21. marmztube says:

    You do realize that by stating all Australian’s are racist, you’re indeed racist yourself.

  22. PimpinDj369 says:

    You mad bro? 

  23. 87yandi says:

    .. Australia would surely put a fine show-piece  in 2022 but they fukkin’ racist so ####% !!

  24. 87yandi says:

    .. South africA  all the way b%&tches !!!

  25. Herb615 says:

    Australia not getting the FIFA World Cup is a huge lost to FIFA and Football

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