BALOTELLI SHOW – EURO 2012 (Compilation)


25 Responses to “BALOTELLI SHOW – EURO 2012 (Compilation)”

  1. boubaker dazi says:
  2. Jacob De la Torre says:

    Solo Solo en Sanborn ♪

  3. Enescan Otar says:


  4. big hoss says:

    I’m the big hoss

  5. JeDkGaming says:

    0:34 0:35 ^ _ ^

  6. mannyblogs91 says:

    Come to Madrid please 🙂

  7. HOKERR2012 says:

    0:30 LOL

  8. asdffred11 says:


  9. soccer7308ify says:

    めっちゃ 面白 すぎる 笑 笑 バロテッリ 最高 笑 笑

  10. Ricky Morrison says:

    NO ES BUENO Futbolista Cientifico, que se puede esperar EN EL …

  11. binh le says:

    ngo nguoc!

  12. laurenmoorexo says:

    Hes a dirty scumbag

  13. Asamuah Sabancı says:

    mr worldwide

  14. messi4life111 says:

    no shit

  15. MW3PROzQS says:

    He is a trollking

  16. le tuan anh says:

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  17. Ilir Asani says:

    00:33 Balotelli hahaha come to Real Madrid

  18. albertolerdz says:

    hahaha que crack

  19. SantO Claro says:

    jajajajja 12:33 CRACK! XD

  20. Amiin Mohamed says:


  21. lokito stiven says:

    jajaajakjkajjak el golpe le k as a balotelli

  22. ali baran şans says:

    what is the song

  23. 2krisko says:

    Yes, you can

  24. Jovan wiliams says:

    Thumbs up for uk office mahna mahna

  25. maxtruglio says:

    Call the song “Mahna Mahna!”

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