BECOME A LEGEND! #9 |PES 2017! | “STAY OR GO?!?!”


17 Responses to “BECOME A LEGEND! #9 |PES 2017! | “STAY OR GO?!?!””

  1. Finley Mason says:


  2. Sharkboy88 Eee says:

    Southampton pls

  3. Ryan Herrington says:

    You win the League in Leeds. Then you know what your options are at the end of the season

  4. Orlando Lobato says:

    Chelsea plz

  5. Jaden Lee says:


  6. Jaden Lee says:

    come on guys, you know, chelsea is very good

  7. Austin Cole says:


  8. Subject_6_6_6_ says:

    To unlock stay in leeds, the golden boot and League title then go to the prem

  9. Jaden Lee says:

    everyone says go to southhapton because Manny is ready. Cans't mean that you are saying that he is bad

  10. Abdul Taibi says:

    staayyyyyyyyyyyyyy and win the leauge to be in the prem

  11. Man like Dreckel says:

    you go to Chelsea mate

  12. abdo hamed says:

    the best skill is the wrong shock on the opposite way

  13. Emil Refsgaard says:

    You go to FC Midtjylland

  14. Tashara hall says:

    Stay in leeds, because in the premier league, you have less playing time

  15. Arshman N says:

    The Chelsea fc forrrrr has the victory't you find at the end of

  16. Oliver MCCALLUM says:

    You GO TO CHELSEA, to load more

  17. LH-Football-Games HD says:


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