Finest Soccer Faux Accidents


16 Responses to “Finest Soccer Faux Accidents”

  1. Poipole49 says:

    FIFA and MLS need to find a way to punish these players real good. Faking Injuries to get a free kick is technically cheating. These players deserve to get Ejected out the match.

  2. twerk_it_like_nae_nae says:

    some of them were disgraceful and im pretty sure this faking the injury charade was also an technical aspect of the game but just watching this video makes me LMAO. XD And yes, this comment is from a non-soccer fan.

  3. Desafios, Pes,Fifa, Foot Games e Just Dance says:

    1:00 Santos??? In 2011 Neymar's Club??

  4. joe shomo says:

    Jesus what is this liberal soccer. I think these babies need a safe space. They should make them where a bubble suit just to protect their tender asses.

  5. n balaboon says:

    haha hahahaah fuck American haters luv dis one aye

  6. Landen Gulick says:

    Sissy people sports

  7. Vladimir Rubio says:

    Why is the football videos the gayest music always have to do ?

  8. AwesomeShite says:

    The only entertainment value of football laugh to be with players fake injuries

  9. awkwardhummus says:

    I find to the people the play soccer for the super powers lol

  10. Lel Lim says:

    how can u forget neymar

  11. Elijah Berry says:

    What would these players do if there was a don't give a fuck badass player that would legit hurt their pansy asses?

  12. Elijah Berry says:

    This is why I hate this is fucking gay ass sport !!

  13. Brock Wuest says:

    Screw the presenter

  14. Jimmy Flanagan says:

    Stupid Neanderthal we're not in the '20, it is something called camera!

  15. ICouldntThinkOfANameSoHereYouGo says:

    Some of these fake not be the because came to be pulled muscles.

  16. Raccoon Productions says:

    1:16 as best

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