Best Team Canada in Fifa 12 Ultimate Team! (February 2012)


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  1. VengefuIStrike says:

    @MegaMasey123 got him :), ill do an update video later

  2. MegaMasey123 says:

    nice team you need to get inform hoilet

  3. VengefuIStrike says:

    @SuperGamingSociety all about misleading tags lol!

  4. SuperGamingSociety says:

    How do you get loads of viewers?? Nice video mate 🙂

  5. VengefuIStrike says:

    @jojag5 i have all the canadian bronze players i actually have a bronze canadian team, i like friend over hume since hes tall i already have the fast jackson so theres no need for two small fast guys

  6. jojag5 says:

    Love the squad but there are a couple of things I would recommend. Hume as striker is way better than Friend. He’s got 83 pace and 67 shot. There are also bronze players who are better defenders I find. Attakora has 76 pace.

  7. VengefuIStrike says:

    @ultimategame1234567 only about 80k for whole team

  8. ultimategame1234567 says:

    expensive much

  9. VengefuIStrike says:

    @CsRNJ1105 its been marked as spam because when ppl do that its to steal ur players and just leave u with a shitty bronze, never trust ppl who do that

  10. CsRNJ1105 says:

    @JamesMay1131 Dude! Isn’t it easier to put Ronaldo pdf and the best trade offer wins?

  11. MrZakattack97 says:

    very original squad, i like it!

  12. JamesMay1131 says:

    Im doing a Cristiano Ronaldo 4-1-2-1-2 Giveaway for xbox 360 if your intrested just sent a trade offer to this player…






    Npower Championship

    Nottenham Forest

    Start price 70000 Buy Now 100000

    Best trade offer wins. Good luck 🙂

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