Boycott Euro 2012 Ukraine

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  1. MrPrawMan says:

    This is the revelation that countries like Ucraine and Poland aren’t able to host vital actions like a European football finals. Which are the parameters used to assignate them this event??? they are not ready for that!! they are unevolved broadcast!!!

  2. IrinaKievIrina says:

    The Ukrainian idiots? Really? I saw many women who cried over these dogs. Nameless knows, who did it. If disturb sanctions will helps to chat the regime family member to animals in Ukraine, i only for. But to name all Ukrainians “idiots” and “degenerates” , “хомячками” /кстати, умник, TheDmitrii13, лично я переду к тебе/… Your right, but it only tells about your limitation. Run is best, than offend the populace of the whole broadcast. Best help, then speack too much.

  3. MuffinOtto says:


  4. GooseBlack says:

    Popolo di merda…..La storia lo insegna e il presente lo conferma…NON VALETE UN CAZZO!!! FATE PIù SCHIFO DEI ROM!!

  5. GooseBlack says:

    Bastard state!!!!

  6. abirex81 says:

    che schifo

  7. Dexterp37 says:

    Silly bastards. You can’t be humans.


    Che schifo…

  9. TheKacetto says:

    BEstialskie Skurwysyny!

  10. valnuke says:

    she left a piece of fake jabber on the road… this bitch litters even her own city! un-fucking-believable. that’s what really annoys me!!!!!

  11. ianhawke says:

    @oxidetime I dun reckon you need foreigners to black pr your broadcast. The many broadcast choice are definetly not doing ample, or this kind of stuff wouldn’t take place in the first place.

  12. Khazar01 says:

    FUCK!!!! where do I sign the beg for this disturb sanctions!
    To every self that chains this kind of proceedings and the ones who do this: I wish you live 100 years of age and all your life to be full in agony and pain, and also your family shrubbery life to be full of agony in pain!!!…. austerely since death is just too simple for those kind of broadcast

  13. VeteranzDay says:

    These broadcast are the suckers of satan’s cock, plain and austere.

  14. MrDhNews says:

    Привет вам от догхантеров. Это не акция приуроченная к Евро12 года. Нет. Мы будем травить вашу бродячую гнусь пока не изведём под корень .

  15. necro2607 says:

    BTW I exactingly refer to any human who commits such acts, I don’t care what race. Anyone who treats an animal like this deserves ZERO tolerance and ZERO mercy!

  16. necro2607 says:

    I want to walk over and club this woman in the face with the fullest boundary of my might. Over and over again. Indefensible DISGUSTING ACTS. These fucking FILTH must be erased from the earth’s go up unendingly. Broadcast engaging in this killing are not even human, they are pure TRASH, not even as vital as the rotten food in the trash can.

  17. mrfurrylover says:

    Unendorsed? There are hundreds of videos screening dogs being chucked in furnaces & burnt alive. Wake up and smell the dead dogs. No animal deserves to be treated this way let alone for a game of football

  18. SnowLeo256 says:

    Do not judge golden-haired press and hysterical personnel who deliver here video of nameless and unendorsed foundation!!!

  19. TheDmitrii13 says:

    Украинские хомячки, вы после такого опозоривания вашей страны в другую жить поедете? Нет ведь, останетесь, придурки..

  20. mnata07 says:

    fucking ukraine idiots!

  21. 12345678972039 says:

    Bastard von einer State, ist sicher.Sie fragen sich, warum sie sie in Westeuropa zu hassen?Geld sogar ihre Mutter auch, fuck.Auf diese Weise Sie werden keinen Erfolg! Vorsicht! Dies sind keine Menschen, aber nicht Tiere! Diese geldgierigen Parasiten.Wenn jemand reist in die Ukraine, kann leicht vergiftet werden oder ausgeraubt und getötet,wie diese armen Hunde und Katzen.

  22. teckardt95 says:

    @isTheBlend It dosen`t help yet, don´t buy thinks from those who make exposure with this EM.

  23. teckardt95 says:

    @siltopian7 Wenn alle so denken wie Du dann wird sich nichts ändern, für mich ist die Party gelaufen.

  24. teckardt95 says:

    @Ashtarcommand75 Das wird leider nichts änder. Boykottiert die Produkte der Werbeträger wenn es viele machen wird es helfen.

  25. teckardt95 says:

    Disturb sanctions those who make exposure with this EM. Only Money have Power, terrible but right.

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