Brazil vs Croatia World Cup (Brazil 2014)

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7 Responses to Brazil vs Croatia World Cup (Brazil 2014)

  1. Fernando says:

    What no Portuguese

  2. nthuzzed says:

    Croatia is brazil easy to beat in this game, Eduardo Da Silva make sure.

  3. peter lustig says:

    Croatia is the first game in 2014 — WIN IF WE beleave IN GOD WE Willwin — God is the best and Powerfull In WOLRD


    mexico it mas chingon

  5. Antonija Mandžukić says:

    Naježim se kod naše himne svaki put

  6. 2Fast4You2222 says:

    Kako Pršo izgleda bio ever nezaustavljivv tada: D

  7. Tomislav Veselcic says:

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