Canada’s 1986 Soccer World Cup Journey


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  1. Zorbak962 says:

    Soccer super power Mexico. I like the sound of that ­čśÇ
    Best of luck to Canada, that 2000 Gold Cup team that´╗┐ beat us had lots of heart. Much love from Mexico

  2. wade2bosh says:

    canada…we reached the wc without a´╗┐ pro league. suck it.

  3. ocupounbuennombre says:

    This was the´╗┐ first of many consecutive “almosts” by the Honduran team. The curse was finally broke for 2010 when we miraculously qualified, bursting the happiness that was contained from the past 28 years without being able to celebrate. Canada is going to face Honduras for the 2014 qualifying, I am scarred we will be defeated. Panama is also in our group, it’ll be a tough group but I hope Honduras and Canada overcome.

  4. KelloggG8 says:

    Can’t wait for´╗┐ qualifiers for 2014 I really hope Canada makes it this year.

  5. SSUnited2309 says:

    Gerry Gray is my uncle. Im proud that Canada made it but´╗┐ I would be even more proud if they make it in 2014. Cheers eh

  6. TASSOS502 says:

    In all honesty I’m guilty of it too. I’m Greek and´╗┐ I went insane in 2004 and again today when we qualified. So much so that I didn’t even realize Canada is playing a World Cup qualifier tonight until about 2 hours ago

  7. addy800 says:

    i totally agree, i hope the next world cup brings the same excitement for canada as´╗┐ the olympics in vancouver

  8. pissed7off says:

    I was born EARLY in 86. It was´╗┐ a good year XD

  9. Herb615 says:

    you´╗┐ made a fool out of yourself.

  10. 95TMLFAN says:

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  11. MoRap4U says:

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  12. 95TMLFAN says:

    im not black but alright, great spelling maybe you should go´╗┐ to school.

  13. MoRap4U says:

    @masterkung1231´╗┐ THANK YOU, they won’t. it’s 100% fact bro/sis. they just suck, it’s a fact. the only time they went to the world cup was in 86, and they didn’t manage to score a goal lol, or even win hahahahahahhahhaahahahahahhahaha CANADA SUX COX N DIX @ soccer

  14. MoRap4U says:

    you must suck then if´╗┐ your born in canada hoser.

  15. MoRap4U says:

    CANADA SUX COX N DIX……´╗┐ go iran!!!!!!!!!

  16. MoRap4U says:

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  17. MoRap4U says:

    it’s because they actually enjoy the sport and care about it retard. Canadians just don’t. They play when they are young, but after that they don’t care about the sport. Unless they change their mindset, you can kiss 2014, 2018, 2022, 2026, 2030 fifa world´╗┐ cups, aiight nigga……hope u ain’t mad, i’m just tellin it as it is. BTW they need to stop sucking cox n dix ­čśÇ

  18. MoRap4U says:

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  19. MoRap4U says:

    I agree with you´╗┐ negro, and it was the best cause Canada didn’t qualify ­čśÇ

  20. MoRap4U says:

    very nice ´╗┐

  21. MoRap4U says:

    no they don’t, what are you smoking negro, they are embarrassing, i mean my school team can beat them like 8-0 without even trying, and that was when i was 17, now´╗┐ i play for manchester united, and i can tell you that we rape….tits

  22. MoRap4U says:

    it don’t matter, they still´╗┐ suck cox n dix

  23. MoRap4U says:

    at soccer and all other GOOD SPORTS, the non gay´╗┐ ones :p

  24. MoRap4U says:

    Canada sucks, that´╗┐ is all!!!!!!!

  25. Headcheezonium says:

    Just look at NZ in´╗┐ 2010! The whole world expected 3 hammerings, yet the all-whites barley missed out on the last 16!

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