CGRundertow PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2012 for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review


24 Responses to “CGRundertow PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2012 for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review”

  1. jijobiku says:

    COME ON SWIGGINS!11!1!!1!1!!

  2. TheEgg185 says:

    lol i KNOW!!! i once had a crazy dream where i was in another house and the people there had BIG heads, eyes, andhands. their proportions and faces were cartoonish.

  3. lilsammy112 says:

    omg english video review <3 thank you so much!

  4. bezurkerness says:

    the miis look disturbing in realistic settings

  5. 6ch6ris6 says:

    wtf you are saying wrong things in this review. not everything is controlle with the pointer. you also have to use the nunchuck for better dribbling and you can shoot with the nunchuck.

    wii-version is superb to every other version of footballgames. best controlls EVER. i dont have a wii anymore but the 3DS version is also very cool! i highly recommened it for anyone with a 3DS and interested in sports/football

  6. nakamine1713 says:

    lol for the Wii…

  7. whatisthisidontevens says:

    no, im just saying.

  8. Rider0fLightning says:

    Yay! Finland!

  9. spiderjerusalem100 says:

    Oh it’s football, wake me up when the reviews over.

  10. legonut4 says:

    oh ya it is. number one sports game on the planet.

  11. ARainsby says:

    fanboy? explain…

  12. StaySmartGE says:

    SUOMI !!!

  13. tomybenavente says:

    fifa is better than pes, but the only difference on the consoles are the graphics, so fuck off fanboy

  14. gerehify13 says:

    damn it swiggins!

  15. ARainsby says:

    fifa 12 for xbox or ps3 is way better

  16. pojomon1234 says:

    why would you play cagliari (a serie a club) against a fucking national team like the USA????

  17. BeNMM101 says:

    You should review FIFA 09 all play for the Wii. It has a bobble head mode where the boots are hard as hell.

  18. djgamer2012 says:

    You are starting to become a great reivier Deriek

  19. FreedomOstrich says:

    Tony Swiggins? Sounds like a heavy drinker.

  20. explainyouandme says:

    swiggins was a WF, hence the loss

  21. xan1242 says:

    herpderp view 303 is for Chuck Norris


  22. iTectrix says:


  23. UBEDAMAN3 says:

    i want it

  24. oqal says:

    does online play still lag

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