Chelsea vs Barcelona UEFA 2012 (The Olde Ship Pub) Torres goal celebration


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  1. Kenny Alanya says:

    Corinthians did what Barcelona and Bayern Munich could not do. And that’s against Chelsea. Corintihians are the undefeated World Club Cup winners of 2012, which has never lost in an international match and receiving only 4 goals at the international level.

  2. Félix Roberto Etombadyambo says:


  3. Chris Treacy says:


  4. Bas van Helden says:


  5. frommyownbrain says:

    Until now I still get goosebumps when I watch video like this. chelsea!

  6. IGotBannedAgainFTM says:

    American fans really support their own teams and perhaps the MLS one day at a halfway League.

  7. UstashaMe84 says:

    A life long chelsea supporters. No one can ever tell me that North American fans can not passionate about a football club. These are true blues …. The emotion in this guys voice is fucking EPIC! lol it has never been a better “YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JCJHDCJHKJDCHJDH FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAH” <- amazing!

  8. kdotmj says:

    wow this is in the U.S.

  9. CHELSEAFCfukArsenal says:

    American Chelsea fans? WOW, you learn something new every day

  10. FRiKiJDM says:

    00:23 – clapping, because nice defense Chelsea00: 23 – The realization of this is a nice pass to Torres, who runs forward ist00: 29 – Torres gets past Valdes00: 30 – goal from Torres

  11. ace14404 says:

    CHECK U.S. OUT on match days wwwtheOCblues com

  12. Jacklw25 says:

    Love the moment everyone realizes Torres is through. “CLEAR IT! ….. Yeaaah AHEUYHFUJHRNCJHNRJKHVNHJVKFHMFUHIJVH GYUFFJKHMGIUGIU ‘

  13. backcracker08 says:

    and that is why soccer is the best sport in the world!

  14. fco2121 says:


  15. Jellie91 says:

    Nope .. It’s Ashley Cole.

  16. Backinblack10001 says:

    I love it. I saw this on my pc does not recognize, the volume until you explode a lot. Thought the house was gonna come down. Amazing clip

  17. CJAC5 says:

    It’s okay. As decent and as gentle as I am when Torres that goal, I was almost as you celebrate. 10 Barca fans stared at me.

  18. Joey KunGZ says:

    Oh my God ^ ^

  19. margareeettt says:

    00:20 IT’S LAMPARD

  20. nnn44z53 says:

    На 1.15 – тишина в эфире … ахахаха

  21. bigchiefmingingbolok says:

    hope you do us proud in the pre-season tour, good to see some blues in the United States.

  22. ace14404 says:

    We are the OC Blues in Olde Ship, Santa Ana, California USA – theOCblues com UTC European Champion! Wrayman

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