Comedy Football – Euro 2012 – Funny Moments, Bloopers, Fails – Part 2

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25 Responses to Comedy Football – Euro 2012 – Funny Moments, Bloopers, Fails – Part 2

  1. joao alex reis goncalves says:

    the music

  2. Camilla Amundsson says:


  3. bohne1978 says:

    Balotelli why always him?

  4. missluchee006 says:

    Similar 2:40 .. really?

  5. missluchee006 says:

    Lol who is the guy who fixed the mean death to 2.34? Can not stop laughing!

  6. João Araújo says:

    1:06 hahahaha

  7. Gasparus says:

    2:07 hahah

  8. salva0983 says:

    Callaros todos, ESPAÑA CAME LA EURO 2012 Y YA ESTA. Shut all! Spain-Siegdie EURO 2012 XD

  9. shashwat negi says:


  10. FrogTesticle says:

    I still remember the on 00:32

  11. iAMScootaG says:

    A World Without Football would not be worth living

  12. PeMuSRB says:

    Gde su ovde fudbaleri Srbije? : P

  13. 82miszczo says:

    Hahahahahahah 2.52 p

  14. Gokkueibuu says:

    Even World Cup 2014 won `t as such a big deal, as was EURO.

  15. FootballVideoHD HD says:

    I want to see your snorlex?

  16. emanuele fazio says:

    aaajajajahahahahahhaha Balotelli <3

  17. Fotini WS Paoktsou says:


  18. Timur Ismailov says:

    * Balotelli, the boss.

  19. Diego Hernandez says:

    Balotelly, the boss.

  20. leo hadj says:

    2:40 dat views

  21. TroFex88 says:

    lol I think this is the song XD

  22. Gamer9661 says:

    I laugh a lot at this one lol! : P can someone give the link for this one?

  23. Andy Gibson says:

    Coentrao haha!

  24. Israel Mayamba says:

    2:54 he thinks he’s KSI

  25. PavelBG Petrov says:

    02.53 clock buffon his!

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