David Beckham in Zurich


8 Responses to “David Beckham in Zurich”

  1. soulhs88ss says:

    played football there.been there done that mothafaka.

  2. LetsPlayMad says:

    My head exploded because of the girls.. (i was there)

  3. jajajajaja8935 says:

    Take a look at this video!

  4. SergeiMaximov says:

    sorry, David, you don’t get it.

  5. pinkfairygirl86 says:

    So glad we lost the bid, people cannot act sensible here in Britain. I’d imagine there would be even more drunken fights going on if we had held it. Britain is not the place it once was, people her are not nice and have no respect for each other.

  6. directorlog says:

    @sbowesuk yeah why didn’t they get in the finals in the world cup?, why didn’t they host the 2018 world cup games?

  7. sbowesuk says:

    @directorlog Winners don’t rely on karma. They just do whatever it takes to be the best.

  8. directorlog says:

    England just don’t get good karma in the world cup.

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