EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012 | First Trailer


25 Responses to “EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012 | First Trailer”

  1. Sanjiv Thiakarajah says:

    All Fifa International tournaments suck, but Fifa 2002 worldcup was nice.

  2. dennishotrider7 says:

    Spain ruined football! to play no sense!

  3. NinoControlador says:

    Puyol to Euro? LOL

  4. SerzantasLTU says:

    what to hell, my country doesent squad should have, u have good luck!

  5. dano181 says:

    Yeah thats just bull # # # #

  6. Hadi Grifat says:

    What the hell EA is not Andriy Shevchenko in Ukraine’s squad!

  7. CoDtageUD says:

    Nope: D

  8. devilsscent says:

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  9. Ateam swagg says:


  10. TheShittSquad says:

    Yes, they always look awesome on the trailer … If actualy have it … a lot of bugs and fuck ups

  11. Zetralysh says:

    PES better

  12. 1996WHOLEO says:

    Sorry, but I do not think England has the team to win the trophy.

  13. Daniel Nicholas says:


  14. Daylexx3 says:

    Dear EA, why can not you search for a training card through education? Why is the Turkish league on Ultimate Team? Why do people who only buy two packs for Team of the Year Ronaldo, if the buyer gets enthusiastic pack nobody?

  15. lefteris49619 says:


  16. michu94pl says:

    poland and ukraine hahahaha n england

  17. NobleIINinja says:

    FUCK YOUR FUCKING servers pussies

  18. SiskerN1kE says:

    someone can download?

  19. JQSPAWN says:

    Good game modes and and everything. But WTF? WTF? With the Ukrainian team. No names are spelled correctly. EA is not the national team in the original FIFA 12 inclued and now it does not spell it right? Do not get me wrong, if the Ukrainians do not want to or is it something with licenses then ok. but WTF??? EA?

  20. LoveForFootballTV says:


  21. adancingdog says:


  22. Adrian Taha says:

    pppppppppppppleeeeeaseeeeee someone answer .. I can not get the reserved players onn when I play UEFA Euro Cup ..

  23. Adrian Taha says:

    Ppppppppleasse anyone answer ….. In this game, when I play Champins uefa cup, I can not reserved player on the feild. Are there any ways to do this?

  24. ShivDes357 says:

    This was just my Twitter TL

  25. lakingsboi says:

    they have to upgrade Poland’s kits? and some other nations

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