EHF EURO 2012 – Day 1


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  1. pitchoune8 says:

    How is called the music has 10 min 15 svp

  2. Taareek12 says:


  3. adrianacajani says:

    Macedonia should have go to the simifinals! 🙁

  4. borowskipablo says:

    @TheTestaholic I already know. The song what I was talking about is: Don Omar – Danza Kuduro

  5. TheTestaholic says:

    @borowskipablo have fun with it ;)

  6. borowskipablo says:

    @TheTestaholic so tomorrow you must be torn apart. OK enough, as far as I like German national handball team I can’t stand learning your language and tomorrow I have oral German exam. It’s time to start learning… ;(

  7. TheTestaholic says:

    @borowskipablo Yes, I’m German, but I’m a bit polish (my grandfather comes from gleiwitz) 😉

  8. borowskipablo says:

    @TheTestaholic That’s right. I wish I knew serbian language 😉 Maybe I would be able to understand something more from it than: ,,oioioioioioioi”;)) BTW: So tomorrow our teams are set to play against each other (I’m Polish, you’re German if I’m right). On every single tournament I cheer for Germany and Poland, that’s pity that one of them must drop out. But that’s just a sport. I hope both of our teams will qualify to olimpic games and then we will meet in the final.

  9. TheTestaholic says:

    @borowskipablo I’m searching the same song 🙁 … they play it after almost every Serbian goal, right ???

  10. borowskipablo says:

    @TheTestaholic thank’s for reply, but no it’s not. That’s what I’m talking about is performing with accordion and sounds like some kind of serbian folk.

  11. TheTestaholic says:

    @borowskipablo I think it’s the song “Handball fantasy”, the official song of the tournament 😉 -> 4BhqzqBzTh0

  12. TheTestaholic says:

    05:44 to watch the German game 😉

  13. borowskipablo says:

    Does anybody konw the name of song playing during time outs, after goals or simply during the matches ? This is probably serbian song (for sure not english) perfotming with accordion. The only quote I could understand from it was: ,,ojojojojojoj”. Help me, please BTW: If Poland goes to the semi- final – I ensure you all cowards in Spain or Croatia – we will be ready, it will be one more in the win column, one more above the mantel and one more for the BAD GUYS.

  14. dani369c says:


  15. Mistico871 says:

    Marko Vujin <3

  16. casualwpww says:

    White Power Poland!

    Kosovo = Serbia!

  17. GrobariNoviSad1970 says:


  18. TheCrojosipvkci says:

    @SaleBeograd91 a kao srbi bolje navijaju od hrvata ovo ono…pogledaj kako se slavi gol
    hrvatska-špalnjolska wc 2009 (crosporttv3)

  19. MrAndrej20 says:


  20. DaNoOMKD says:

    HAHA SRAMOTA SRBI!!Pomalce srbi na utakmicata nego MAKEDONCI a u Srbija se igra EP!!MAKEDONIJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  21. DaNoOMKD says:


  22. virgo89tg says:

    MACEDONIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. chadometallurg says:

    Россия!!! Вперед!!!

  24. kaldet735 says:


  25. SaleBeograd91 says:

    @TheCrojosipvkci da li bi to smeo da kazes jednom Grobaru ili Deliji?

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