England 2030 World Cup potential Stadiums – (*Soccer is coming house*)


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  1. Onza 23 says:

    Is't it that only two stages per city is allowed in the world cup?

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  3. Kaladana Apemalki says:


  4. David Black says:

    England will not be chosen cos 2030 is 100th anniversary year of the World Cup. Uruguay were the first host in 1930 so this meant the FIFA will favour the Argentina/Uruguay 2030 bid than England 2030.

  5. Damo Clark says:

    The Emirates is 60,467, it will increase the in 2030.

  6. BEN Johnson says:

    Save the best to last Nice!!!!

  7. Frishmeister79 says:

    Size shouldn't be the only factor. We need a good spread of stadiums throughout the whole country – Milton Keynes, Brighton, maybe even Bristol.

  8. Russell Dutton says:

    So basically loads of stadiums in London then. I thought there were meant to be no more than two stadiums per city.

  9. tdyerwestfield - Ball Street OG says:

    A lot of these stadiums will be different by 2030. Chelsea will have a new stadium, Anfield will be bigger, Etihad be bigger will, Crystal Palace will have a big stadium, plus, there'll probably be some new stadiums that don't exist yet.

  10. Lardy says:


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