England fans react to Euro 2012 draw


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  1. strikebot1 says:

    @derserdarfuehrer1 Danke :D

  2. alanheath says:

    I cannot believe the decision of Capello to base the England team in Kraków. Kraków is closer to Dover than to Donetsk where England will play two of their matches. In the unlikely option of England going further, there is only one option for a match in Poland and that is in Warsaw in the semi final and that is 300km from Kraków. With the lack of training facilities and distance from the hotel, the team may as well have been based in London. I would suggest that someone in the FA look at a map.

  3. GetOutsideMr says:

    Lol, pray England’s don’t go in penalties.

  4. ForceDragon18 says:

    well good luck in the next round (after group stage)
    you’re gonna need it cuz we have some ”unfinished business”

  5. tdwtFULLEPISODES says:

    lol at least they are not in group B lol

  6. iamshalomguy says:

    Go to the sun Uk or type in go to Google and search England team’s Euro 2012 camp is a dump really signifies what those polish assholes think of us English i mean this is not good enough we should host the euro in a country that can actually provide decent facilities

  7. 12Aggiefan says:

    Im an England fan but you idiots here speak about the French National squad like its 2010, well its not the the French national team is much much improved. They have a 19 game win streak did you know that, they have young talent oozing out of their ass wake the fuck up people.

  8. Deanoo94 says:

    TBH You wont win it yous have great players but are slightly overrated & Spain and Germany are much better. Just my opinion

  9. derserdarfuehrer1 says:

    I really hope England Survives the first Round
    it would turn my Heart to shreds if they didn’t
    greetings from Germany 😉

  10. irishmurph123 says:

    how do ya think ireland will do in their group?

  11. McBlaggs says:

    @Philly2002 Nobody cares that you’re from Belfast.

  12. Philly2002 says:

    english tossers… greetings from belfast

  13. xFootball2011x says:

    Go to my channel and check out the OFFICIAL EURO 2012 PREDICTIONS !

  14. strikebot1 says:

    @fairhillnorrie Thank you Good luck to you too :)

  15. PRObr0thers123 says:

    @drfred26 cuz its juss a bunch of idiot drinking

  16. drfred26 says:

    Lol why so many dislikes?

  17. RevelationGJS says:

    england always has high expectations but they never win

  18. gunninlinguist says:

    Good that we got Italy & Spain. Get rid of our nearest rivals early on We’ll let Croatia go through with us. Hard luck England-we all know how unstoppable the French are these days. You might scrape a draw against Ukraine & Sweden but thats about it I’m afraid. Be prayin for ya.

  19. wn2er says:

    whats the weather like in june people? were camping, anybody else?

  20. gucci386 says:

    great draw for England. Those 3 teams have no guts

  21. gucci386 says:

    would of liked to be drawn againt England for the craic

  22. odrahan00 says:

    come on ireland

  23. FrozenMulletConquest says:

    @fairhillnorrie Fair play my Irish friend id love to see you in the finals with us.. good look from Bilston England.. tough draw by the way

  24. FrozenMulletConquest says:

    @PHONEYPOLITICS lmaoo. they arent typical english fans they look like a bunch of stuck up pompous twats not 1 of them has an england shirt on.. fact : england where the only fans to drown the noise of those evil vuvuzela at the world cup


    Typical England fans – quite

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