Episode 01 – Jon Murphy’s Official PES 2012 Video Blog


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  1. davvidvilla7 says:

    my become a legend in this udinese calcio

  2. DANNY79201 says:

    @blancoC duno i was thinking the same thing?

  3. DANNY79201 says:

    how do u dive in pes 11

  4. DANNY79201 says:

    got pes 2012 for my christmas and hav not played it yet. it takes forever to actually play the game because u need to watch tutorials.

  5. alexutz75 says:

    it s the 1st time in 5 years that i can say that i m very disappointed about this game!i played the demo and if this is gonna be the defensive level of the game i m gonna never buy pes in my entire life!it s not normal to play with m.utd and have such areas uncovered in the defensive line,in the 57 th minute the score was 1-3,it s actually laughable if you ask me!i feel like you didn t listen to the pes fans,but instead you tried to make pes more like fifa and this is bullshit!pes 2012 sucks

  6. blancoC says:

    Why no handballs?
    Ok, I don’t want handballs in the game that occur suddenly out of nowhere.
    But in certain situations (jumping, mid-air control) it would be nice if a player could make a handball foul by himself. The ref could still whisle a foul, depending on the position of the referee, depending on the position of other players…
    Actually, the same as the dive option in 2011. Dives don’t happen in the game, you have to dive yourself, The same could be done with handballs imo

  7. leoalbania says:

    no serbia evry name is vic ic bitch v slboddbobvic hahahahahahaahahahaha

  8. SerbHack says:

    hahaha Albania 😀

  9. RawStreams says:

    PES was the game than introduced us to the finesse shot . FIFA stole it like they did 100’s of other thing.If it wasn’t for pes you’d still be running about in fifa using triangle.

  10. leoalbania says:

    add the Albanian national team

  11. john1136 says:

    The thing I want to see improved is the shooting, it should be more realistic and u should have options of different shot for example the finesse shot in FIFA. Secondly the tackling should really realistic, but overall I would PES 2011 is much more realistic than FIFA 11, looking forward for this year.

  12. rptimao says:

    or maybe I’m brazilian and my english listening is not so good.

  13. purepepsii says:

    let me guess your a yank lol

  14. TheMojoJojo90 says:

    anyone knows the name of that music in the beginning? tnx

  15. umid95 says:

    totally agree dude..my brother annoys me everytime with that…

  16. 5zidane6 says:

    Think about changing speed of the game and remove skill cards or special abillities and add new like long shots tackling positioning as the attack dribbling.Also about players like Messi who have the speed merchant they are just too good compared to players like Nani, Aguero, and others and its stupid how players like Elia and Villa who has this card are good

  17. TheCampingCat says:

    im a huge Pes fan but fifa this year looks good while Pes just looks the same they need to make Fifa work hard to make a good game instead of them just making a tweak every year and it still beats pro evo even tho, Pes works harder.

  18. GhostOfAStranger1 says:

    PES 2012…please make a good game…seriously. Fifa 12 may go to shit, and I hope you guys can make something competitive enough to make EA realize that they need to stop slacking.

  19. Moewenstyle says:

    i want the OLD penalty-system.
    old one was good. why ever changed?

    penalty should be an advantage not a disadvantage!!

  20. tapha923 says:

    but why you have removed the mode “international challenge” I found super

  21. Alkinho24 says:

    I seriously know the english language, but this fucking british accent is totally annoying! I don´t understand what you are talking about. And the audio transcription is giving me a non sense sentence!

  22. PaulCerqueira says:

    And the transferences on ML wy change all the time ?
    i can be able to buy players id money and players( from my team) (like real life )
    dirty kits on game play (this small details can change alote the game )
    And about the leagues no news ?
    ex : about the ranking leagues :
    England 4001

    Spain 3648

    Italy 2666

    Germany 1971

    Portugal 1610

    France 1086

    Netherlands 944

    Russia 809

    wy !? PES have holand league and dnt have the portugal league ???

  23. chilleverest says:

    you dont pick stuffs that are interesting…you pick stuffs that are necessary and things that needs to be changed !!

  24. badrrevolution says:

    /watch?v=S39Scrq4Cq8 CHECK CHECK CHECK !

  25. raufyr13 says:

    This guy has some good ideas and vids, maybe you can try put some into the game #rptimao

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