Euro 2012: fans in the stadium


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  1. DCUnderdog3000 says:

    : 55 This is Sparta mother fuckers. ha-ha

  2. MrGreek18 says:

    0:55 is the best <3

  3. gato90ful says:

    en europe se vive diferente la fiesta del futbol hay cosas y muy interesantes graciosas!

  4. gato90ful says:

    que bello es el fútbol sin dudas es el mas hermoso de los Deportes! increíble ver como un gol genera Tantas alegrías en las personas y asi mismo puede causar Tristezas! 12:57 1.03 1.10 it hermosa la Rubia, 2:01 Son Gritos de pura Pasion por el Fútbol, ​​del adelante 2:04 para la tristeza! VIVA EL Futbol HPTA!

  5. peter peters says:

    12:10 Fuck Yeah

  6. bascarola says:

    What Spain? DENMARK won the Euro (0:39)

  7. Alberto Reyes says:

    : D

  8. Tim Buursema says:

    I “m Dutch but I liked the Irish fans the most. They lost all the games, but still a blast.

  9. xmyself01 says:

    Polish fans are the best!

  10. Malcolm Bender says:

    maybe but probably for the lady with the low cut top right before the child

  11. SmogQ says:

    for the little boy?

  12. notorio666 says:

    Spain is the best win!

  13. notorio666 says:


  14. Dian W says:

    0:34 thank me later …

  15. MrAsam12 says:

    0 dislike of: O

  16. MegaBa22 says:

    first video with no dislikes

  17. Stafisia says:

    Greetings from Poland!

  18. Stafisia says:

    THIS IS POLSKA and Ukraine.

  19. ivan Ivanov says:


  20. omudolar says:

    all i can say is RESPECT!

  21. checko pumas says:

    nice video! Congratulations world!

  22. emiliovak410 says:

    I miss the Ireland fans … Doing the poznan”” ….

  23. Vasilis Tz says:

    Europeans all together! :))

  24. Nina Berhin says:

    круто 🙂 спасибо автору!

  25. jim618033 says:

    0:38 thank me later …

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