Euro 2012 – Poland & Ukraine (PROMO/TRAILER)

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  1. 12Aggiefan says:

    Half of these clips are World Cup clips and great moments not Euro Cup clips.

  2. poland2010 says:


  3. poland2010 says:

    @0858137393 please if ireland ties up with poland or ukraine ireland no hope at all

  4. Askar355 says:

    unavaiable video

  5. 1911Vule2011 says:

    can’t wait!!!

  6. przemas830 says:

    Where is Poland !!! shit no trailer

  7. 0858137393 says:

    ha ireland wil be der next summer 2 beat all da oda countries:)

  8. ParaJuve95 says:


  9. ryan8core says:

    pěkný video :)) jestli se tam češi nedostanou tak budu slovákům určitě fandit 🙂

  10. kyrEOicon says:


  11. Rangerstribute says:

    SLOVAKIA lets go!!! 🙂

  12. Rangerstribute says:

    Nádherne video strašne sa teším na piatok 🙂

  13. PartyPooperX says:

    not official 😉 but sure epic!

  14. Flatrocker512 says:

    Um… isn’t that the World Cup trophy that’s being raised in the last clip? Doesn’t look like the Delaunay.

    Otherwise, a pretty good video (though apparently not your own). I’m excited for Euro 2012 already.

  15. Borussen7 says:

    @norbi1505 to szwedzi nie ukraincy

  16. Torres9WeAre11 says:


  17. norbi1505 says:

    Ukraińcy 1:01, Niemcy, Portugalia, Hiszpania, Włochy, Anglia, Turcja a gdzie Ku*wa Polska!!! Przecież kur…wa euro ma być w Polsce i Ukrainie!!!
    Łapka w górę kto się ze mną zgadza. To gówno a nie trailer.

  18. RealProductionCR7 says:

    video wonderful ,but this is not your video

  19. DramEnDbeYz says:


  20. ryan8core says:

    wonderful video :))

  21. ThierryDanHenry says:


  22. Ms1sonny1 says:

    already looking forward 🙂 … Ronaldo, Rooney, Nederland <3

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