Euro 2012 Poland & Ukraine Trailer [HD]


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  1. PapakNaPlazi says:

    Croatia will shock Europe this year! 

  2. TheMegaMan200 says:


  3. KochisarliHD6 says:

    nice vid ! Spain <33

  4. Brunomarsfreakiii says:


  5. AhsanKarimOfficial says:

    sick vid

  6. MessiTheKiingHD says:

    Cant get any better, where u get this music ?

  7. byCR7ProductionsHD says:

    POLAND <3

  8. TheAkatsukibrothers says:

    @ELDjek0 *facepalm*

  9. M3moo10 says:

    im mexican i really hope Germany wins it!!!!!

  10. anas7hamed says:

    Well said ;)

  11. Karesmatic7 says:

    This Time we are gonna win this tournament and kick spain to hell :D:D:D GERMANY!!! :D:D

  12. missmingie9 says:


  13. GuevaraStudios says:

    great mate!

  14. MyPimplesPop says:

    I’m tipping Holland:)

  15. abasopulpfition92 says:


  16. ItslPersonaL says:

    Germany will win <3 😀 🙂

  17. mory20110 says:

    very very good video!

  18. PepsiIsneeze says:

    Film burn looks not so nice, but all in all good video i think Spain will win it again:)

  19. spiderspunk100 says:

    I think England will win Rooney, Lampard, Gerard, Wilshere, Ashley Cole John terry what a team:D

  20. AaronPictures says:

    amazing video, and this isnt stolen , if u try watching the other video you can tell the difference!!, nice work bro

  21. jaybreezy171 says:

    when is this?

  22. Nekroqolis says:

    Stolen …

  23. ngasparyan7 says:

    OH I watched his version again, you don’t stole it by you make very similar to him all the effects, scenes and etc. 😀
    Nice job bro 😉

  24. ngasparyan7 says:

    stolen from TheVladVideo!!!!

  25. VivaCimbom says:


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