EURO 2012 Qualifier – Northern Ireland vs. Italy


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  1. fancyslimoshady says:

    @Lopig5 it was 0-0 noone won…

  2. Lopig5 says:

    the only reason dumm ass ireland won becuase they got leprachuans

  3. 9cgx says:

    italy doesnt even try that hard lol. they look good. for sure they are gonna whoop spain.

  4. aeromech84 says:

    @sukie142 2006 still burning?

  5. aeromech84 says:

    @DallasKass I don’t know why americans play football. Really why? YOU ARE NOTHING AT FOOTBALL !! G.Rossi didn’t even think about playing for that so-called american national team :))

  6. aeromech84 says:

    @DallasKass I wonder how this 3rd rated european team always owns american assess and other european asses.

  7. MrNapoli111 says:

    @forzaazzurino1 tell u y because he started borriello and pepe over balotteli and giovinco the coach is stupid

  8. Ukrainekiev95 says:

    Italy played so beautifully here

  9. MrVogelz says:

    @xUnPLuGGeDxMoDz 1 year later… hehehehe

  10. irishanto3 says:

    @xUnPLuGGeDxMoDz nope your out cuz your shit always ahve been always will come on ireland

  11. patparty666 says:

    @CONTRAHABS I just looked over the replay several times, you’re right, there was some contact. However, I really didn’t see enough for it to be a penalty, he might have grabbed his arm for a split second. Honestly, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Italy “cheaters” for something so menial, ALL defenders do that sort of thing, as a forward I have learned to play through and be tough when challenging in the box. It also looked like Davis was taken aback by the fact that he had such a clear path.

  12. CONTRAHABS says:

    @patparty666 Barely? Look at the replay over again. How can you go on a breakaway and end up kicking a soft ball at the net? From a soccer fan’s point of view have you ever seen that before? When you are in a forward motion and you get pulled back that is what happens. I am pretty sure the defender got a good grab on Davis.

  13. patparty666 says:

    @CONTRAHABS Are you seriously complaining about that breakaway? He barely got touched on the arm… Jesus Christ, you’re calling us cheaters because of THAT? That’s hilarious. Both teams played fair, I wouldn’t call us cheaters because the referee didn’t see an unintentional handball… It wasn’t our fault he didn’t see it. Chill the fuck out and be happy that you got a draw against the team who dominated Group C. Don’t call us cheaters for no reason.

  14. CONTRAHABS says:

    @patparty666 And notice how on Ireland’s best chance to score with Steven Davis coming on a breakaway he gets grabbed by the arm from behind by the Italian defender. Now i realize why Steven is complaining after his “weak” shot on goal on that play. That sequence ALSO deserved a penalty shot. I’d rather be cheering for a team who plays fair than a team who cheats. Yeah the Italians had good chances but i am pretty sure if Steven was not grabbed he would have scored. You guys need finishers.

  15. CONTRAHABS says:

    @patparty666 And if you’re a troll you can waste your pathetic time elsewhere. I don’t have time to waste on you. I have better things to do.

  16. CONTRAHABS says:

    @patparty666 I didn’t see an Irish defender touch the ball with the hand in the penalty kick area of Ireland. And all it takes to score in soccer is a penalty shot. A hand-ball in the penalty kick area is worth a ton of missed chances. Even though Italy dominated, Ireland had the best chance to score with the hand-ball but the referee chose to not make the call and give Ireland a penalty shot. Imagine how bad that would have looked. Italy dominating the whole game and losing to a penalty shot.

  17. patparty666 says:

    @CONTRAHABS Seriously? Bad luck for Ireland? They were so lucky Italy wasn’t completely on form, we had like 50 chances, you had like 2. You guys got extremely lucky as is, and were cheering when you tied.

  18. CONTRAHABS says:

    There was a hand-ball so Ireland would have scored and won 1-0 to Italy. Bad luck for Ireland.

  19. monovenaros says:

    I don’t know about the english shirt, but ours sucks. Puma is making totally ugly shirts. I wish we had Kappa.

  20. 258mikeyMolestation says:

    N.IRELAND all the way

  21. redzer06 says:

    no surrender , ulster says no, blah blah blah, we hate everybody and everything that isn’t a dirty orange cunt. not a chance if all your decent players continue to play for the free state

  22. bamper12 says:

    tiocfaidh ar la ya orange cunts

  23. jasonwfloyd says:

    san marino in disguise!

  24. megamegamessi says:

    italy just had a bad game


    italy did good they just couldnt finish

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