Euro 2012 Recap: Spain vs. Italy, Ireland vs. Croatia


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  1. josemanuelmorenod says:

    Two penaltys stolen? true but we were stolen in 2004 by South-Corean with more mistakes than this match( sometimes football is unfair)

  2. boosra says:

    Shut it Yank tart. Just because you are afraid of minorities stealing your lunch money, is no reason to bother the rest of us.

  3. Brando Guerreri says:

    Wtf is wrong with you?

  4. WarriorDude1xyz says:

    Europe is for White Europeans ONLY.

    Africa is for African people, Asia is for Asian people, but why are White countries for EVERYBODY?

    This is geNOcide, White GENOCIDE.


  5. irishmurph123 says:

    i hope england do well too…im an irishman but i wanted england to win it out before the tournament began, because ye have some super players,gerrard, rooney, terry and hart would be the best of them, and for once ye are not going into the tournament with high expectations.. good luck england!

  6. Berniemacbronson says:

    You english cunt u keyboard warrior just because england have shit supporters never beat the irish in your football 1-0 RY HOUGHTON! afraid to play us in a friendly tournament last summer ye shitty cunts!.remember ireland isnt a football nation we do not play sport for money we have or own national sports were we play for our pride our heart something ye english cunts dont have.

  7. TheMegaDruff says:

    As an Irishman, I can say Ireland may not have the best team in the world, but we have the best fans!

  8. AnglOsAxOn2 says:

    I was all the way in supporting Ireland tonight, I am English, the team members played with heart and determination, the goalkeeper was exceptional. Ireland lost to Spain which is no shame because at the moment Spain are the Brazil of the Eighties/Nineties.
    I just hope England play with as much pride and determination as the Irish did. As for the fans they were excellent in there support.

  9. deedrabbit says:

    I didn’t want ireland to go to the euros cos I know they would be shite. Trap is a dinosaur. He never changes anything about the team selection or the way they play, which is completely wrong. Trap is last centurys manager. Ireland were a disgrace. Maybe the next manager will learn English hahaha

  10. jamesbond4u1 says:

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  11. wolfram54321 says:

    People talk about this RACE problem and say this RACE problem will be over when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries. Anti-whites say the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites. According to the UN, this is genocide. They claim they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  12. Finbix says:

    what about the fact that ireland are shite. the quality simply isnt there. to the irish this tournament is just an excuse for a pissup. im actually gald to see ireland do so badly cos you fucking deserve it you lazy, drunk useless pricks. merkel thinks we’re workin haha very funny may you all remain jobless you smart cunts

  13. WarriorDude1xyz says:

    Alright let’s pretend that thousands of American Whites haven’t been murdered in racially motivated attacks in America and let’s pretend that the Boers in South Africa are not on genocide watch because of their slaughter. Even if the only method of genocide being used was massive non-White immigration into ALL White countries and ONLY into White countries and forced integration and assimilation, this would still lead to the ELIMINATION of a unique human GENOtype, a GENOcide.

  14. MarioBrad27 says:

    Croatia is gonna go to the finals this year! Spain and Croatia!

  15. deedrabbit says:

    I h8 to say it but Ireland is the worst team in the euros. With the players in that team, let’s face it. Fifth rate championship rejects managed by a blind Italian. H8 to point out the obvious

  16. deedrabbit says:

    Ireland will never be world class but Trap hasn’t a clue. Ireland fluked their way to the euros, playing ugly hoof it up the pitch stuff and being outplayed in midfield by teams like Estonia. What a midfield! 2 championship rejects in whelan, Andrews and another bad player in Gibson waiting in the wings. And then maybe our best player not playing because Trap says in the press that he can’t cope with the pressure. What an insult!! What pressure?? Nobody expects Ireland to do anything!

  17. RealHipHopNotPlayed says:

    Lads I have been waiting a long time for Ireland to make an appearance in a major tournament. I was sad to see such a poor team selection, players like Whelan not even starting at club level, players like Keane living off their glory days about 5 years ago, while many young talented players on the bench who were anxious to play like Long, Mclean. We were very poor, Ireland is not a half bad team as we have many young and talented players, with these kind of players we deserved more!

  18. awesomepossum2244 says:

    they aren’t better, they would have destroyed italy otherwise, even though italy did get a hell of a lot better. but italy completely outplayed them in the first half, and if they didn’t do what they always do which is score a goal and defend, they would have smoked spain.

  19. awesomepossum2244 says:

    i didn’t say they played better though, i knew croatia played better, but the way they did play, the done. spain is gonna be second, and italy first in the group.

  20. awesomepossum2244 says:

    it was an offside because it wasn’t the goal scorer who had the offside, it was another player who was already offside.

  21. TheHorrorCrap says:

    you daft or something? how can it be an offside if an irish player passed the ball to the scorer? and btw croatia was a much better team with possession, pressure and better chances.

  22. lesktube says:

    are you being serious?

    aside from fabregas and iniesta they have the following midfield/attacking options:

    javi martinez, sergio busquets, xavi alonso, juan mata, santi carzola, jesus navas, david silva, pedro rodriguez… that is TWO TEAMS worth of world class quality. AND THEN include iniesta and fabregas.

    you are right they are not the same team from four years ago THEY ARE A BETTER AND DEEPER SQUAD. they MUST start llorente in the next game.

  23. awesomepossum2244 says:

    lets be honest, spain with out iniasta and fabregas is nothing. they aren’t the team they were four years ago.

  24. awesomepossum2244 says:

    croatia’s goals were all complete luck. First was a fluke header that hit the goalies hand, the second was an offside, and the third hit the irish goal tenders head.

  25. xAllstar212x says:

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