EURO 2012 The best moments


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  1. Suk Deez says:

    I do not see your name on the roster, fucking loser.

  2. pimpekfun says:

    No, have Spain.

  3. Fotini WS Paoktsou says:



    Zajebiste … jak OJAPIERDOLE.PL …

  5. ChristRune says:


  6. Leone Barzetti says:

    I wish you luck. You have some tough teams to face.

  7. 84benfiquista says:

    It coulda Portugal in the final: (the Irish fans sing in their last game was also one of the best moments.

  8. SportLifestyle1 says:

    A year ago!

  9. Suk Deez says:

    Wales have won this one?

  10. Marios Iwn says:

    proud of his Greek!

  11. ScoobyCanal says:

    Como le doy a la rusa

  12. qwerty1234184 says:

    I think this is the first Video about Euro2012 without Balotelli celebration))

  13. Idohaldubida says:

    Minal właśnie rok 🙂 🙂 18:00

  14. mateusz piesio says:

    Tęsknie razem z Siostra oboje kochamy PILKE nożna

  15. David Iglesiasc says:

    Another trophy for us to be three in a row this summer four

  16. Егор Куценко says:

    Это было КРУТО!

  17. CutOFPeronaLity says:

    where I can download the uncropped version?

  18. Chiggy Wiggy says:

    Giorgio Samaras is my hero

  19. expertcd says:

    Szkoda ¿e już minęło.

  20. uberjens says:

    I’m pretty sure that this is the official highlights from the Euro 2012

  21. michal szerszen says:

    polska biało czerwoni POLAND!

  22. micci9090 says:

    The best Euro

  23. EL Véčko says:

    hi nice video, where did you get for clips that you look uesd? thanks

  24. Fando Carmona says:

    0:47 epic moment

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