Farley and Reid-7. best team in the world (England Euro 2012 Song)


24 Responses to “Farley and Reid-7. best team in the world (England Euro 2012 Song)”

  1. EmpireGamingVideos1 says:

    Who’s the blonde?

  2. DivisionarioBilbaino says:

    0:22 Who is?

  3. 1ShaunN says:

    the clock soccer am now haha

  4. Saeed Suhaib says:

    Third best team in the world *

  5. ahkhim says:

    damn it, jones. GLORIOUS TITS.

  6. mouseysVideos says:

    Rosie Jones dosent work we are redmen tv?

  7. TwoSugers says:


  8. braddamizta says:

    We are the fourth best team in the world …. the 3rd best team in Europe!

  9. Andrew Boreland says:

    Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us Acts 16:31 Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved

  10. vinnycalLA75 says:

    We actually technically finished fifth, so we really the 5th best team in Europe

  11. fact2752 says:

    Never mind the football, Rosie Jones, European Champion

  12. MrBloodmare says:


  13. bigbluekid21 says:

    Rosie Jones: I would wouldnt you guys 😉

  14. busteddon says:

    Kissing the Umbro logo instead of the comb, haha ​​great!

  15. firecobra29 says:

    BTW, we offer!

  16. xXpurplenoob1234 says:

    Monkeyorbs64: No, they smashed the French instead 🙂

  17. Sunvalley92 says:

    Yeaah .. Roy Hodgson aka Darren Farley certainly did promise a date with Rosie Jones of the best players for England in this game .. So wanted to perform any 😉

  18. Aaron Rodger says:

    looks like Sweden is not “smash ‘us 😉

  19. Sunvalley92 says:

    But even worse than Sweden.

  20. TheAmazingRedSox says:

    GUYS! GUYS! England is now the 6th best team in the world! Woo!

  21. iskalachi says:

    shes as Rosie Jones

  22. xDannyyHD says:

    nob head

  23. Sunvalley92 says:

    Same shit ay? 😉

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