Fifa 12 Ultimate Team – Team Canada (March 2012) – 100K


7 Responses to “Fifa 12 Ultimate Team – Team Canada (March 2012) – 100K”

  1. yolomo321 says:

    Is IF hoilett good or worth it?

  2. VengefuIStrike says:

    @TheCortexHD sure, just give me 100k

  3. TheAccidentalFate says:

    @unitedroad10 you go on make a new user on users at the far left of the menu , then where you usually sign in to psn it will say make a new account then do all your stuff

  4. MastersonRyan says:

    Nice Team !

  5. unitedroad10 says:

    how do i create a new psn and ea account? or a fake account because i can’t acces fifa12 online from my country and i have the onlinne pass but it doesn;t work and i talked with other people and they told to make another account but i cant’ find this option in the play station menu,thnks

  6. VengefuIStrike says:

    @MrShadyCash lol this is not straight off the ps3, its badically like a cod elite for fifa where u can change stuff online on the computer, i still have an easycap 😛

  7. MrShadyCash says:

    Nice. What are you using to capture these days? Looks really clean.

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