FIFA 12 versus PES 2012


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  1. MetalUpYourAss861 says:

    we all know pes fanboys are gonna be talking shit about fifa because fifa is better and they know it

  2. soad4verr says:

    PES are miles ahead fifa this year way better graphics and gameplay.

  3. majd197 says:

    And FIFA wins!!!!!!!!

  4. MrPrashantt92 says:

    pes is better this year with much better graphics and much better gameplay which was lacking in the previous versions

  5. tokyopp says:

    yeah and 9.6 out of 10 faces in fifa are not real.

  6. darkangel276 says:

    6:17 assassin creed lol

  7. julienjjh says:

    Pes has the better look but i’m going for quality gamaplay and i want the control over what i’m doing so FIFA is best for me^^ x_Box gamertag: julienjjh XD

  8. robroytroy says:

    For me in FIFA players are running like Zombies, the game is like drawing straight lines i don’t care how many licences or leagues has. The game is all for me… Pes has a little more of that.

  9. TheAnalayaShow says:

    fifa 12 is much better! love the real characters!

  10. 0fayz0 says:

    pes 2012 is much better!!!

  11. frooglepete says:

    0:47 Yes. I know.

  12. arsenalforever90 says:

    03:11 lol u sucks

  13. casd080805 says:

    I liked pes in ps2 but now fifa is the best

  14. din991999 says:

    Did you go out is not fair in this video are bad teams intentionally bringing to PES 2012 for the quality of the players will be worse than bringing good teams to FIFA their quality is much more Tovafsot thank you more like the FIFA from PES

  15. din991999 says:

    PESSSSSS <3 <3 <3

  16. AlizeCiz says:

    fifa is better for online & playing multiplayer with friends. pes is much better for offline play. master league is still much much better than career mode. i bought both

  17. KardNontol says:

    FIFA is really easy to play. To play PES you need to think and have skills, controlling the ball, shooting, dribling, its not just a one shot one goal game like FIFA.

  18. synthetic67 says:

    As a fellow casual gamer, how well did you take to the defensive controls and such? I’m a big fan of FIFA 11, but the new “upgrades” in 12 concern me somewhat. I’m quite comfortable with just hitting X (on the PS3) to defend, and worry that EA is making this franchise too complicated – which they also did to the NHL series (which was ruined in my opinion).

  19. MRGEOFFERY1 says:

    @ultafighter. Fifa better

  20. UltraFighter18 says:

    I honestly thing you have eye problems if that is what you think. Fifa animations are better?? are you fucking kidding me?? Fifa animations suck so much that is embarrassing to even consider them. Just time “fifa 12 fail, bugs” an wake up. In terms of graphics pes kicks the living shit out of fifa I mean the difference is so obvious in favor of pes you have to be a complete moron tot to see it. No offense. In terms of gameplay they both really suck that is the truth.

  21. UltraFighter18 says:

    I don’t believe that you are 30 years old and if you really are I’m truly sorry for you. EA are a bunch of assholes. They didn’t release any patch to correct the many bugs the game has compared with Konami I’ve installed several patches and now my buddy I have most of the teams you have in fifa plus champions league, europa leage and all that shit plus improved gameplay, more player faces etc. So the comparison in this clip in irrelevant. PS. I play both games ant they both suck.

  22. RedJohn859 says:

    pes is good, fifa is very very very very cool

  23. mothafucka997 says:

    haahahhahahhahaha FIFA 12 <3 <3 <3

  24. FireRoad2 says:


  25. radjaram1 says:

    pes 12 is the best

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