FIFA 12 vs PES 2012 Comparison [HD]


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  1. SRBSAGA says:

    And the cuts players make are perfect 90 degree angles. I mean yea that may be possible, but add some fluidity to it lol

  2. colbyiam says:

    wow, you can flick the ball over any defenders? u must be professional gamer or something. I agree Pes is better grapics, but the rest of it, ewww

  3. Aidanraff88 says:

    why did you put in pes 12s warm ups and slo mo gameplay a because you are in denial that pes is better and B because your a fifa fanboy

  4. Aidanraff88 says:

    fifa is unrealistic pes is hard just like real life you cant do any skill on the best defenders in the world in pes just like real life and pes is just better full stop i dont care what any of you think it is a fact that it is better fifa wins awards and that because they have more sponsors and get to use actual team names

  5. 2GunMadness says:

    hahahahahaha…… pes the game where Adan…… ADAN the 2nd madridista goalkeeper is 89…. and the game is very boring and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy unrealistic, so plz GTFO

  6. dramuse29 says:

    for those who think PES is better than FIFA, let me give you the pattern of the game. PES difficulty is NOT A CHALLENGE, it’s how much they trash you at the end of the game. I played PES for 5 years and 2012 is the WORST. They let you score a few goals first, and at last minute of injury time, they become GOD-MODE. They score f***ing 5 goals. So if you think you have scored 2 goals and try to defend all the way, it’s not possible! The score would be 2-5. YUP, that’s what they mean by challenge

  7. alsadiq19 says:

    PES is way better than FIFA. FIFA has better graphics, but PES has better game modes and gameplay.

  8. khaledibr2000 says:


  9. Jimmymartin16 says:

    @goldenstar2760 there is something wrong with you, get checked out

  10. Jimmymartin16 says:

    @swodnew just showing how even old FIFA games are still better than new pes games

  11. 118l1 says:

    FIFA is the best game by far who do you know above 10 who plays pes?

  12. Shervin Nasrin says:

    I like pes more,the game modes are better

  13. swodnew says:

    so lets see….. your comparing the old fifa games to the newest pes game? seems fair.

  14. boozer bobo says:

    i like pes but the kits are so fucking ugly

  15. PROxGamer24x says:

    love the song editing

  16. PROxGamer24x says:

    the pes stars show how many people play it

  17. chris4andrea says:


  18. crazypenny94 says:

    Fifa 12 its really easy to say

  19. mustafam88 says:

    FIFA has a special Feature where the Players get Butt Fucked by the Keeper if they get too close.

    here … watch this if you dont believe me


    Hit Like if you agree!!

  20. DrRamzeen says:

    fifa sucks, worst football game, pes way too awesome !!!

  21. Reokugen says:

    Pes forever! Fifa has stupid rules! -___-

  22. ricardo carmona amaya says:

    fifa 12

  23. 96timmybeta says:

    Does pes have ultimate team. If they dont fifa is way better all pes has is good effects.

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