FIFA 18-STEAMPUNKS [Tested & Played]


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  1. Sanjay Dam says:

    Guys today i was looking at some comments on skidrow. someone wrote a comment about the transfer bug.
    – those who are using the latest steam punks Multi language version of the game having the issue of can't do transfers.
    – he also said that, oldest version, i hope he meant the version i used on my video [30.8 GB Game] didn't have transfer issues.
    so those of you having the transfer bug can you tell me which version you're using? [41 GB or 30 GB ?]
    please show your support 🙂 we need to find the solution fast 🙂

  2. Dawwen Gaming says:

    Thank you it works !!

  3. Maikol Estevez says:

    Works!!, I tested it on my macbook pro center 2015. Thanks bro

  4. CoolRecenzeCZ says:

    Fake link but work

  5. War PiGG says:


  6. Cillian Finn says:

    Have the game running, But wondering how to update to the latest Aug 3rd update so all the players from January( and some from this Summer window) are transferred and up to date stats-wise e. g Andy Robertson from 75 rated to 79 rated and players that got added to the game e. g Rhian Brewster. I cannot connect to Origin but I am assuming that's part of the design so is there a manual update ?

  7. RazorX50 Gamer says:

    Do need of origin

  8. Black Belt says:

    Sanjay I did not have any bugs at all before my hard drive was damaged but when inrunna diagnostics test it says memory is still there so I guess all my files are still on it but it can't boot. I am getting a new hard drive and I'm going to transfer all my files from old to new so can I install the game again because I have the files already and will it work

  9. khalil dammak says:

    light problem: each time i start fifa18 it includes of self
    of fixed ?

  10. RedLyfe says:

    it works for boys

  11. elfan alfredi says:

    and ges remambar

  12. Abhilash Aniyan says:

    i'm getting a runtime error 217 while installing fifa 18. this is happening ever-since i formatted my local disc C. Can someone plz help

  13. Technical Chauhan says:

    Problem of 0xc0007 hekp man

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