FIFA 2012 gameplay recorded in Xbox 360 AVerMedia Game Capture HD


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  1. AVerMediaTecEurope says:

    @ FraggedByMe Thank you for your idea. Game Capture HD is a standalone product. It works without a PC. Also a TV equipped must SieKomponenten input.

  2. Woppaaah says:

    Hi I have a few questions about when this will be available in the Netherlands? Where can I buy it in the Netherlands and how much would it cost? And how many fps? Thank you.

  3. TheMaddelover says:

    Nasri Arsenal

  4. CaIIMeLegacy says:

    PLEASE ANSWER! can I play in hd and record at the same time :)? DankUND CAN I BUY FROM THE UK!

  5. FraggedByMe says:

    hey iam intressting order on this map. can I play with it on my PC? or must ichbrauchen an HDMI splitter to connect it on TV? thanks for your answer 🙂

  6. FraggedByMe says:

    @ Woppaaah Not only USA. I can from the German Amazon site to buy 😉 It Kollegentrudelt € 110 Greetings 😉

  7. victorhugo9691 says:

    Pes e melhor

  8. GamerZone AVerMedia says:

    @ CaIIMeLegacy Thanks for asking. The following details are: for to recommend your storage unit: external hard drive instead USBFeder-drive external hard drive with 320 GB capacity external hard disk is not older than two years thanks!

  9. AverageTwoGamers says:

    I have a Roxio got, the quality is pretty bad

  10. denisrex111 says:

    I want the thing Because CIH Wanted Long Start me Come duck Ries udnWer das. The perfect start to die quality ist auch very well UDN me gefälltdes ding Easy alls ocih would mcih rejoice IF I DO win

  11. Elit3KD says:

    Wow, I can wait for this product!

  12. Renan Diniz says:

    @ Choco virus Able Fato! fuck yeah sony = bosta! : P brinks ñ sou fanboyolanão!

  13. GamerZone AVerMedia says:

    @ Gamez101 Thanks for asking. Please press the “Mode” button on the remote control to change game (real-time) mode, it is real time and without delay, under standard StandardThere has 0.1 seconds delay. But if you start recording, there is real time being (no delay). BTW, do not forget to update, f / 1.5 W at the latest to keep the latest update.

  14. wiiarewin says:

    in each vid acceptable

  15. gamez101 says:

    As @ AVerMediaGamerZone large a 10 minute gameplay MB file is wise?

  16. Damir72rus says:


  17. Roberto Merigue says:

    Gostei muito do Fifa,

  18. Rodrigo Schadeck says:

    Cara! Olha a qualidade deste video … 1080i … E o mais que não é de Rechtsprecisa PC … Quando vai Chegar no Brasil?

  19. rubenrrs1 says:

    I have my console in 1080i for recording with this game capture konfigurierenzu?, Or I can play in 1080p and the recorded video is in sein1080i?

  20. Woppaaah says:

    @ FraggedByMe I can not find the price for it ^ ^

  21. bedrocbedrock69 says:

    Avermedia the BEST!

  22. Ibzey says:

    @ AVerMediaGamerZone where is the cheapest I can get it in the UK?

  23. GamerZone AVerMedia says:

    @ SuperIbrahim7 Thank you for your interest in AVerMedia product. Game CaptureHD is available at Amazon in the UK. Thanks

  24. FraggedByMe says:

    @ Woppaaahamazon(dot)de/gp/product/B002MRROO4/sr=8-5/qid=1322481250/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&qid=1322481250&sr=8-5&seller=Deutsch Website, I believe they will ship it to Holland 🙂

  25. POOCHtheKID HD says:

    I record raw with my avermedia Game Capture HD, without rendering, no editing, but still my videos in 420p, then u guys told me that my make console output 1080i, 720p, but I do not get how u do please give some specific me directions?

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