FIFA World Cup 1994 USA Stadiums


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  1. Sadiqul Irfan says:

    RFK 😔

  2. G Fernández says:

    Don't fret world…most of these stadiums r gone and new soccer stadiums have been built instead of American football stadiums. The ones that still stand have been redesigned and are great sports stadiums. I heard a few people complain about the Rose Bowl…u def don't need any roof to watch a match under a California sky.

    2026 is gonna show the world how far the U. S has come in terms of futbol. In 94' we just started a new pro league that is going strong 20 years later.

  3. Mo Garba says:

    Mapfre Stadium?

  4. Zulharriansyah Syamsul says:

    But pontiac silverdoom got left and the roof is broken

  5. Zulharriansyah Syamsul says:

    Most stadium are bieng demolish become new like foxborough become new gillete stadium, giant become new metlife stadium, soldier field with same name but new structure, stanford stadium still the same name but more modern for american football for cotton bowl, rose bowl, and citrus got upgrade become more modern but the rfk did not change or got upgrade

  6. Abhik Mazumder says:

    Lol all these stages are name to corporate sponsors now

  7. Jordan Diehl says:

    Here are the stadiums that the U. S should use shoukd we win the bid for 2026.
    Orlando City Stadium
    Audi Field
    Banc of California Stadium
    AVAYA Stadium
    Paul Brown Stadium
    RFK Stadium (if it's still standing)
    Rose Bowl
    Ford Field
    Mile High Stadium &
    CenturyLink Field

  8. Tsl RomaRopen says:

    Rwanda genocide happens in other place of the earth.

  9. Dilusha Gamalathge says:

    What a marvel the Pontiac was

  10. Tom misaki says:

    NFL stadiums null football atmosphere

  11. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    this honestly kinda sucks. theres nothing exciting about any of these stadiums. no interesting architecture. what's worse is the names. most of the stadiums in the U. S are named after companies.

  12. Francisco Gutierrez says:

    Nothinng as a football field full with football yard lines 😣

  13. Light 106 year says:

    And so begins the crazy annoying faggot child dance music on every YouTube video

  14. Diego Alejandro says:

    90 Italy World Cup Stadiums

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