FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 forecasts


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  1. AndresMurgueitio says:

    Pendejedas, la copa se queda en Sudamérica Ecuador y mi si va la mundial

  2. John Doe says:

    Germany! Keep Dreamin.Das is Spain vs. Brazil. Spain wins again.

  3. Paco Cruz says:

    just because Portugal did not mean cr7 there, it’ll make the finals, 1 people who are not gonna do all the work ok

  4. Jose Gonzalez says:


  5. Jose Gonzalez says:

    really Brazil loses to Portugal then Spain and Mexico it was at least the semi-finals because they have since 2010, while wearing a tie vs. Spain champion team, a perfect Gold Cup in 2011, qualifying for the Confederations Cup, and won the gold Olympic Games in 2012 and handed over to the final round of quilifiers to go with two more games and with only 3 defeats friendly vs. USA, Ecuador and Brazil. You will probably also win 2013 Confederations Cup.

  6. David Da Costa says:


  7. Jorge Daniel Sanchez Cadena says:

    I’m right and you’ll hoppely Mexico has a large participation in Brazil, I also want that Germany to win the tournament! great plantings of Mexico City

  8. Samax13 says:

    I see Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil as the only serious competitor. But Italy and Spain have key positions aging and Brazil seems to have chemistry problems. why Germany is my choice to win it all. they have a wealth of young talent, and if they are on the form, they can beat anyone.

  9. SalvaJor11 says:

    Do not forget to U17 World Cup win and third u20 Space

  10. DirtyDan371 says:

    Turkey, Poland, Ivory Coast are, Greece, Serbia and ecuador england pretty gutpolan tied 1-1 and Chile beat Ecuador 2-1 or 3-1 I think

  11. BIH678 says:

    Germany 0-2 Bosnia-i dont think so, if anything, it is more like 2-4 or 2-3, as Bosnia is mostly an offensive team.

  12. Bitel Diamond says:

    Would not it be Portugal for Brazil LOLOLOLOL Qualify

  13. Craze Phil says:


  14. LenchyVSThemachine says:

    I think Brazil vs Spain in the final Brazil won 2-0england lose 3rd place match

  15. UitdenOosterhout says:

    NETHERLANDS in the final with FRANCE

  16. UitdenOosterhout says:


  17. Ang3cod says:


  18. Thomas Roblox says:

    WTF I love how they SOUTH KOREA predict LOSE The GanzeMOFO

  19. ricstarz says:


  20. lpimentel89 says:

    cool vid man.

  21. jeffrey choi says:

    OH. K agreed.

  22. EyeHeartWorldCups says:

    Colombia is now good. If I was a remake of this video, I would have easily colombia in the quarterfinals.

  23. EyeHeartWorldCups says:

    yea, but you have to remember here that I made this video a while. So what I thought at that time it has changed a bit now. Korea is a good team, but they are in a tough group (in my predictions)

  24. jeffrey choi says:

    Korea earned no points? I think not. They do well against countries such as Serbia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Ghana, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Greece. These countries are not football powerhouses but you have to respect them.

  25. Mathias Caza says:

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