FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 MMS


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  1. Bitel Diamond says:

    No matter which group have U.S. … Zero points for the U.S. in WC

  2. Alena Galstyan says:

    Italian group with Uruguay and Costa Rica england d

  3. Josh RSL says:

    Sure do not like ronaldo and messi love

  4. molonlave2010 says:

    You we’re right, Greece has to qualify through the playoffs

  5. tony sanchez says:

    You completely lost when you sit portugal from the toilet. does not dream to erwähnenIhr when it comes to your forecasts for Mexico.

  6. Lorenzo Aguilar says:

    First of all, you forgot an s for Russia and not Rusia and then Spain wins the World Cup

  7. adrian saucedo says:

    My prediction is that like ur final prediction against Brazil aregintina but brasil gonna win

  8. Tiago Costa says:

    One seconds into the movie, and we can see that your predictions are bad undging wrong

  9. Lawrence Casier says:

    The Netherlands is a bit overrated, I think. Their defense is pretty bad.

  10. joe loco says:

    Mexico is going with the cup jaGlück mexico hope u guys win keep the work

  11. Alena Galstyan says:

    the groups are made

  12. Alena Galstyan says:

    no portugal lol

  13. Alena Galstyan says:

    Italy lose to Mexico is like a wolf to lose a fight to a chicken and lolmessi is not good in Argentina so, how would they win the World Cup if sieverlor Germany 4-0 in 2010 lol that makes no sense at all

  14. Alena Galstyan says:

    mexico would never beat Italy all wrong predictins real prediction brazil or italy master

  15. Xavier Metcalfe says:

    would no way columbia, never against England

  16. Xavier Metcalfe says:

    where r croatia and how could columbia beat england

  17. Jesus Sarabia says:

    USA wins Fudge u now better than Germany and England they are

  18. Cristopher M. Hain-Prada says:


  19. Cristopher M. Hain-Prada says:

    not even … the whole team has done their part qualified edges in Argentina … and that’s the toughest qualifying group in the world .. conmebol

  20. Cristopher M. Hain-Prada says:

    Colombia and Belgium are just now the two of the hottest teams in the world. the only team that is definitely not so that it is so far Mexiko.Sie have absolutely terrible lately.

  21. Cristopher M. Hain-Prada says:

    have you watched the games conmebol tho? I doubt it … Argentina hatraschend very good. they can easily go far … and this is nichtvoreingenommen … I hate Argentine football (in the Colombian hahaha)

  22. Kartron G. says:

    There are a few teams that are unbeaten in qualifying … einvon which, you guessed it, Germany is. That being said, the qualification results is not matter anyway. Netherlands have had a lot of super Qualis times and still not in the tournaments. The WC is all about form.


    mexico en esta muy lejos repechaje Dudo que llegue ¡

  24. Jorge Trujillo says:

    Will I like this but not sure of Colombia, it is prob so far Spain or France, but I think Brazil will lose and removed some time in the tournament

  25. crazycolombian1520 says:

    ill be happy if there semifinals to colombia

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