FIFA | World Cup Areas | 2014 – 2066


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  1. pedro sanchez says:

    Your prediction is right for 2026 Wich hosted by USA Mexico and Canada

  2. CountryBalls Marocco says:

    In 2030, , Morocco, Espagne , , Portugal.

  3. SALUXAÏ VEVO says:


  4. Igor FF says:

    Saudi Arabia 2070

  5. Da Munch says:

    3270 World Cup
    Location:a different galaxy

  6. GT1Fanatic says:

    Australia and Qatar trade spots

  7. MA Productions says:

    UK 2062? Where in UK?
    England Scotland Wales?
    Isle of Man?

  8. PortugalBall 900 says:

    2030-Germany(portugal Champion)
    2034-Portugal(portugal Champion)
    2038-Argentina(poland Champion
    2042-Poland(portugal Champion)
    2046-Sweden(Sweden Champion)
    2050-Spain(portugal champion)
    2054-Switzerland&France(poland champion)
    2058-Sweden(Sweden Champion)
    2062-Germany(portugal Champion)
    2066-Portugal & Germany(portugal champion)
    2070-portugal(portugal champion)
    2074-germany(germany Champion)
    2078-Brazil & Uruguay(poland champion)

  9. fizzy skillz38 says:


    This video is completely fake , the only news we are about to get is the 2030 host so how is it possible to find out 2034 World Cup

  10. Kaladana Apemalki says:

    2034 Indonesia

  11. shariful islam says:

    2078 UFO full of aliens

  12. Mark Foster says:

    2034 … Luxembourg
    2038 guam
    2042 Iraq
    2044 Cape Verde
    2048 isle of man

  13. Anthony M says:

    Accurate enough for 2026 and possibly the 2030 Co host nations, I think it should go to the UK with Ireland, and Morocco with Co hosts in the 30's

  14. MBX O super mode says:

    world cup 2098 will be on New Zealand LOL

  15. WondersSportsPlaying says:

    2026 will be held in Mexico USA and Canada

  16. JuanMainkraa says:

    I come from future, and the first world cup in the 22th century (2102) will be on the sun

    And chile isn't going for classify

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