How To Fix Pes 2012 Crash on Intel HD Graphics (64MB Dedicated)


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  1. PatoWiNNERS says:

    no way !

  2. zamrisi7 says:


  3. prakash343913 says:

    sory give me the link to download that folder 2012 patch

  4. prakash343913 says:

    give me link to download that folder PESde_2012 patch_2.0

  5. prakash343913 says:

    plz give me link to download 

  6. sam samy says:

    how could u play mw3 with 64 dedicated video ram ?

  7. rizky perdana says:

    thanxxxxx man run easy

  8. amine hamli says:

    thanx maaaan you are genius

  9. samyd1000 says:

    you know what you are the best one in the world

  10. arwarock says:

    this worked in pes 2012 but the same problem in pes 2013 demo what should i do ? there is no kitserver for pes 2013 demo !!!!!!!!!! Help please

  11. santicarbonero says:


  12. youjebac says:

    can i play it on intel integral graphic ?

  13. Ahmed Messi says:

    dam it
    it still giving me a fucking black screen

  14. speeee says:

    Thanks buddy. It really helps. You’re a genius!

  15. serseggsm says:

    no patch 3.5 and 3.5.1 is released,
    so may i need to install 2.0 and 2.1  first or 3.5 is enouth?

  16. Tariq0071 says:

    i do exactly what u do in your video but mine is STILL NOT WORKING !!! :@

  17. jamal aslam says:

    all the 3 parts have to be download ah..pls tell me

  18. Mamadou Fall says:

    thank you mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn since pes 2011 i left playing pes because of problems like that but now

  19. musicshoWable says:

    I have another problem when i run pes 2012 it load but before the Konami logo appear it close downl and said Pes.exe has encountered a problem……. Anyy can help me please

  20. 135792468101214 says:

    What is ur Graphics Card Model ?

  21. musicshoWable says:

    When i finished doing all the things you showed i open the game it’s load but before the Konami logo appear the game close and said a problem occur please tell microsoft…

  22. musicshoWable says:

    Is not working for mee
    i download the part from zippyshare and did the same thing but no thing don’t understand you install two patch but i have only install the patch from zippyshare that all..
    Can anyone help mw please??? 😀

  23. masterhouuse says:

    when i reach creat avatar , the game doesnt respond, do u know how to fix it plz?

  24. אליאב אלמוזנינו says:


  25. Gagan Mangat says:

    thanx bro……

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