I want to follow rugby.?

I want to follow rugby.? So rugby was something I known, but never made the effort to always have to put in it. I grew up playing hockey and watch...

I want to follow rugby.?
So rugby was something I known, but never made the effort to always have to put in it. I grew up playing hockey and watching the NFL, I know how hard to appreciate sports, and rugby is something I knew that I respect, but now I want him to folgen.Also I have 2 Fragen.1. What should I start watching? I hear that the league and union and other organizations. Plus, the All Blacks? I hear from them viel.2. What are the differences between the various leagues I appreciate any info you give me because it seems like a great sport to get into Best Answer (s):.

response from blm
That’s a lot of information in one package. But I’ll give it a go.The “AllBlacks” are the New Zealand national rugby union team, and have the most consistently winning team in rugby history “rugby” has two versions -. Rugby union and rugby league. Union is by far the larger game world. It is everywhere, played by Canada and the United States. League is only really popular in two places – a belt of industrial cities in the north of England and two in eastern Australia. It is quite impossible to find elsewhere. The games were developed in very different ways, but if you are really interested in the differences, then I would the Wikipedia article, which discusses recommend it. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_rugby_league_and_rugby_unionAufgrund the unique use of the word “league” in rugby, you can not this term if it. Around the various professional or annual competitions So instead, in the rugby world, we remain with the word “competition”. In the league, there are two major world competitions. The “Super League” in England (with a French team) and the National Rugby League (NRL), which is played in Australia played wird.Beide versions of rugby have played their own “World Cup” every four years. League One is relatively small, but the Union World Cup is huge. Some sources claim that the Rugby Union World Cup, the third most watched sporting event in the world, after the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics ist.In Union, there are two major international competitions each year – the Six Nations (England , Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy) in the north and the “Rugby Championship” (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina) in the south. These ten teams are generally considered the best in the world. There are other competitions for the next stage (second-tier) countries every year. Well as, for example, the Pacific Nations Cup include the U.S., Canada, Japan and some Pacific nations like Fiji and Tonga Iceland (Rugby is huge in the culture of the Pacific / Polynesian island states). In Union there are four high-profile professional (as opposed international) championships, which are generally the top rank. The Super 15 is in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The Aviva Premiership is composed of the twelve best English clubs made, and the top 14 consists of the 14 best French sides. Finally there is the Pro-12 (traditionally known as “Celtic League”, although they play the Union), which is from 12 clubs in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Italy besteht.Es also at least one more level of the professional game in all of these places — be the RFU Championship in England, Top 10 in Italy, Currie Cup in South Africa, ITM Cup in New Zealand, etc., etc. Sometimes’ll Football Type Expansion / relegation system between these levels. the second most successful Level clubs are promoted in the top group for next season, while the least successful professional clubs down to verschieben.Sie also fully professional competition not quite obtained the same quality in other countries such as Japan, Russia, Spain. And of course, there are tens of thousands of amateur union clubs, and millions of amateur players from around the world based on the pure love of the game. Here in North America, where the game is not played professionally (there are semi-pro competitions), there is at least a local club in every community large enough to warrant a post of its own will. In the United States, for example, there are about 2500 amateur club and a half million registered players.

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1 You should start watching Rugby League and Union both, they are both huge sports and for the All Blacks are the Neuseeländer.2. the difference between these two sports are not so many. the numbers on the jersy different. one is back for league and 15 is the defender of Union. the rules are a bit different, but if you now you see catch up. so yeah. thx

ABS response of Go
All Blacks (AB’S) are the national rugby team of New Zealand are the best rugby teams of all time and has been ranked best in the world for many years , watching Super Rugby starts again in February is the best domestic rugby league in the world and has NZ SA and AUS teams in ihnen.League is faster but less followed except in Off

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