India in 2022 FIFA world cup (Qatar) | CONFORMED


7 Responses to “India in 2022 FIFA world cup (Qatar) | CONFORMED”

  1. Elise Sangtam says:

    I'm with u India

  2. Cynthia Panga says:

    it's impossible for India to qualify never ever they will qualify just in your dreams that they will qualify

  3. dilip hembrom says:


  4. Aryan das says:

    Cmn , India let's football

  5. Legend Wahengbam says:

    We India come to India is definitely go to final of FIFA world Cup 2022

  6. Nayan Kalita says:

    we go to Qualify for next world Cup

  7. Akash Ahmed says:

    I am a Bangladeshi fan of india, i pray for this team cause if India play the world cup then we are also inspired by this team and then oneday bangladesh will will be played

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