Iran vs South Korea FULL HIGHLIGHTS – 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification – 16 October 2012


23 Responses to “Iran vs South Korea FULL HIGHLIGHTS – 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification – 16 October 2012”

  1. TheKarararararara says:

    I love japan <3

  2. Pasdaran1 says:


  3. FuzeDestroy says:

    Do you know what happended when I saw a bomb in this game? Iran!

  4. SeyedJalalHosseini says:

    Instead of attacking each other, can all work to improve the quality of Asian football as a whole!

  5. fardiddyg says:

    Why, why, why we fought so hard for in this match then lose Uzbeks? Iran is so unpredictable in football ..

  6. Alex Lim says:

    I hope you marry Korean you piece of shit

  7. omidnazi30 says:

    japan, iran, iran, go javad nekouuuuu

  8. yasuhiro112677 says:

    Korea? HahahaKorea is Asia No.4Japan? King of Asia japan good team KAGAWA Go! I’mJapanese

  9. Sina Ig says:

    Iran for life! korea sucks! Pile hatersss pfff

  10. chris yi says:

    u can say anything about Korea or football, but no one dosent matter what u say or thumbs cause tthey say korea is good in the past year Korean WON BRONZE MEDAL why cause coach trained them to say good and dont they cheated thats sorry and jealous come will feel dumbass HAHA iran iran say something on 50 city never can prove even korea korea beat iran good rank low

  11. chris yi says:

    by the way u dont know anything about football and asian dude 1 more thing iran cheat a lot and they really suck in football look all comments 3 people say iran sucks too much nobody dosent matter what u say u dont have any thumbs up in your Comments elsewhere probably they think that people are wrong to say who suck korea nobody, they always say korea good by the way asia korea the best country in the world, such as football are good at archery won 12 gold so what u ur wrong k ? say hehe

  12. chris yi says:

    nobody likes Chinese or japan ask to compare your friend is China better than South Korea and it is not u in Asia Korea is the best country can not say, but it for is somewhere probably jealous thats why u korea I hate hate Japan and China to u know well u can say something bad, but no one gives a shit about u dont care they look like they do not thumbs up

  13. chris yi says:

    You have the wrong guy if u use hit the hand of her a yellow card and the way korea beat iran often iran on penalties and bronze medal game in the quarter finals Sun shut up i clock korea got gold medal in 2010, which it was iraq vs korea korea is the best country iran nobody likes, because its weird and bad iran sucks know a lot by the way do u what was rank is iran iran korea 15 44 oooooooooooo can never beat korea korea has many strong players korea

  14. Neemsta359 says:

    Well done my Iranian fams

  15. Parcham Balast says:

    I like people like you 🙂

  16. MrMosto3 says:

    I’m not IRANIAN but love IRAN. The fact that Iran is almost always qualified for every World Cup, and they do it better year after year. I am not attack South Korea (the’re also good, and they do it very well in World Cup as well). Debate shoud be that Asian countries should be better in the World Cup, so they (another seat instead of Europe or South America can win both the strongest). The most successful one is the most successful of the group (in this case Asia)

  17. TheModhafar says:

    Iran iran all the way love

  18. gaminkalv says:

    Korea is better.

  19. 민서 김 says:

    Why Japan? but I really have to agree.

  20. UnaFatsaUnaRasta22 says:

    Iran condemned camel blows cock

  21. FuckTheFuckingKorea says:

    Korean, Korean, FucKorean.Jeder knows FucKorean.Dirty, dirty, FucKorean. “I’m the victim!” always says FucKorean.Everybody hates you, FucKorean.

  22. gaminkalv says:

    Fuck Japan

  23. InTheDragonfly says:

    I like Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian people Südkoreas.sorry exception, I do not hate North Korean Volk.Ich Südkorea.Sie really are born natural narcissism, so insidious liar, full of arrogance and hysterisch.Ich was used to friend with them, but now, I hate nausea show.

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