Mario Balotelli all 3 Goals in Euro 2012 vs Germany & Ireland

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25 Responses to Mario Balotelli all 3 Goals in Euro 2012 vs Germany & Ireland

  1. 50 cent says:

    super Mario

  2. TheBarbahaba says:

    so talented but so stupid
    even his own team mates are rushing to tell him to not blurt something that
    will get him in troubles later

  3. Tugz says:

    Liverpool needs this balotelli i dont know who that guy is they have now 

  4. PvP_SHEEP says:

    Surprised that second shot didn’t rip the net Jesus! Nuers hand and wrist
    probably would have been broken is his single hand made contact

  5. zimmer350z says:

    balotelli super mario

  6. Biniam D says:

    That second shot by Balotelli would’ve broken Manuel Neuer’s hands!!!

  7. Mauricio Alejandro Cardenas Alaniz says:

    Casi le revienta la cara a balotelli

  8. Extazy says:


  9. xromeo13x says:

    Balotelli is a good striker. But after euro 12, he switched off. If he
    built up on who he is from euro 12, he could destroy any team he’s playing

  10. headcaseman says:

    Euro 2012 was the best we have seen of Mario. He was brilliant.

    Aside from that tournament he has been average at best. I don’t believe
    there is any genius behind the madness and he is getting found out.

  11. LazyBunny says:

    Why is everyone saying Italians are racist?
    I was planning on going there : (

  12. kevin dik says:

    Real super mario 

  13. ulbricht73 says:

    Balo runnin through, whats he gonna do, GOAL NUMBER

  14. Salvador Allende says:

    the only time italian sheered for a nigga. racist people

  15. Richard Löwenherz says:

    Real king!!! 

  16. frank talby says:

    Italy beter bring back Cassno…they need his creativity with Mario 

  17. Nana Akoto says:

    Italians are very racist! Mario is very brave love you!!

  18. Murf Rossoneri says:


  19. metamofia says:

    Dayum that second goal… Put 5 Neurs there and they aren’t gonna save
    Super Mario’s thunderbolt!

  20. Sydney Okafor says:

    When he was good.

  21. JCH26421 says:


  22. Abdul Z says:


  23. Althea Charles says:

    Balotelli is a show off!

  24. TYful obe says:

    Comment compound on the third goal in this video because this commentator
    did not comment on the match Italy against Ireland

  25. David Woods says:

    That……was a near post op

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