Match 14: India v Colombia – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017


19 Responses to “Match 14: India v Colombia – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017”

  1. Mystic Wolf says:

    The players have talent , it’s the coach and manager that sucks for India ! No tactics lmao or style ! I am a Canadian soccer player and this style is horrendous

  2. Neymar krishna says:

    In the time India is lights in football in with a few players in European clubs.

  3. minh quan ngo says:

    Indien werden aber Ziel die ersten immer auf der FIFA u17 Welt final verlieren gegen Kolumbien von 2-1

  4. Michelle A says:

    India please don’t follow Muslim countries and become a fanatical Hindu fundamentalist country give people the freedom to convert to any religion and don’t persecute people of different religions under false pretences.

  5. PV CHANNEL says:

    worst defender I ever saw

  6. minh quan ngo says:

    India first always aim of fifa u17 World Cup

  7. utsav raut says:

    Indien kann nie bei ausgewählt in jedem world cup weil hat es sehr schlecht Geschicklichkeit Spieler

  8. JPT VIDEOS 4-U says:

    India is a emerging soccer country definitely India will Be in fifa to few more years

  9. Good Old Days says:

    I don't understand the commentator's language

  10. Jhonathan Jhonathan ;D says:

    Common what else you can expect ?
    In school –
    Games period – teacher – no games today
    After six months – first games period of the year. Period over in 30 minutes.
    Home –
    Kid- I wanna go play soccer
    Parent – no . go and study. Only books will take u far.
    Teachers –
    Don't waste time playing football. Study instead.
    This is where we live.

  11. Zafar Baloch says:

    Love you Colombia from Pakistan

  12. chotay bhai says:

    Happy to see India our friend and oppornent from Pakistan panjabi if India come in fifa i will support them because of Desi and brother plz make peace and India Pakistan are all brothers Soo best of luck

  13. Vidisha Roy says:

    Very poor defence India. Indian football n other sports need nurturing. And that will happen when we stop pampering the shitty sport called cricket

  14. Naresh Kumar says:

    The goalkeeper has trained his better tho my friend of 3 years and is better than him

  15. callous porche says:

    India's goal was nice ,I like headers. Also , Colombia was good too of course. Don't worry India we are with you forever.

  16. AyeshaRahmath Khan says:

    Soccer mardon ka game hai baqi sub bekar

  17. Akshay Wrestling News says:

    Good play India

  18. Amit Dee says:

    sab Nepal bhare pade he Indian football team me jinme tallent he where khel he nhi rhe football

  19. Jr Benka says:

    Colombians so tires….

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