North America And Morocco Need The 2026 World Cup


7 Responses to “North America And Morocco Need The 2026 World Cup”

  1. yanni alpha says:

    America has terrorism weapons and far from the world

  2. Abass عباس صحراوي Sahraoui says:

    Win Morocco inchalah

  3. lil s says:

    Morocco Morocco👆 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  4. اسلام العزة says:

    Morocco wil suprise the world by hosting 2026.for too many reasons the top one of them the stupidity of trump.

  5. Papa Joe says:

    Unlikely that North America would get it, 1. America is a dangerous country too many terrorists there and shooters, 2. there will be a wall between us and mexico, 3. canada has no idea was football/soccer is. 4. too expensive for fans to travel there plus they will have to go to the three countries and all the visa crap. Morocco has a higher chance according to analysts.

  6. marone mellouk says:

    Blah blah blah u trump fuck is on everything

  7. imjustplaymusic cc says:

    win Morocco inch Allah

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