Official FIFA World Cup video?

Official FIFA World Cup video?
Where can I find official FIFA World Cup video? NOT ON THE WEBSITE FIFA … because I can download the video, but can not try ausprobiert.Ich, make a video of the best goals, saves, and the general moments of the World Championships of 1998 in France – South Africa 2012th Like those videos, the “Top 10 …” OFFICIAL.Ich say but wants to put my own music to them, YouTube has some good videos, but most have poor quality or other music. I want the video if possible. Above the sounds of the comments and the people in Stadion.Offizielle videos, or at least with good quality videos I’ve been searching all day with little luck Best Answer (s):.

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FIFA channel on YouTube to try, they have tons of videos about football and so.http :/ / / user / fifatv

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