PES 2012 – AC Milan vs FC Barcelona * Superstar * (Review Code) HD # 1/2


25 Responses to “PES 2012 – AC Milan vs FC Barcelona * Superstar * (Review Code) HD # 1/2”

  1. enesog says:

    @ SymphonyOfDestruct99 Yes, I hope it’s in a good way different. For me essieht like you still do not take the ball even though you have nothing to sehencomming. That really pisses me off. It is similar to Mario, if you do internal, you can simply run trough anyone. If this is the case, I’m fucking going to download this game and take a big shit on it and send it anConami LOL.

  2. rafaelsalinas58 says:

    Your vid is a favorite on Vientiane

  3. Benjamin Neupane says:

    I have since 2008 plays PES, FIFA 12 I played with my friend professional, that everyone else who plays with him suggests Fifa …. I played it, and I schlagen5-0 ….. he gets him to my house, he plays PES 2012 with me … I still beat beat him 3-1

  4. cenasuckdungna0601 says:

    3 people do not like, fifa fan LOL XD

  5. Damian BAZAN ORTIZ says:

    fuck you with your stupid games! We want to see real futbol! caras deverga!

  6. Roberi1991 says:

    @ SymphonyOfDestruct99 you can beat the CPU if you alsbarca choose another team.

  7. Nico Marcenaro says:

    Have you seen in Fifa 12 Busquets? LOL

  8. enesog says:

    @ SymphonyOfDestruct99 tell you where to get the game and I’ll beat the CPU. I binsehr good at PES.

  9. SymphonyOfDestruct99 says:

    @ Enesog It was on Superstar difficulty, of course, it is the players really hard time.

  10. assyriangabare says:

    @ Munmaster7 bro in England free 14 then we have to wait 2 more weeks until we here in the off customers from England comes as pes 2011.

  11. Pinto Gildo says:

    PES 2012 is the best!

  12. ZilliVanilli says:

    Nice arcade game. Even without a passport aids fully AUTOMATICALLY!

  13. ssssssss604 says:

    always win fifa

  14. Zé Silveira says:

    @ Enesog I never saw the AI ​​a goal in impossible angles. I had a very few moments I felt cheated me on the demo, but they were very rare. And the attack AI only throuh you go, if you know how to defend nichtauf the game. This game is much more than just about convering go for a tackle. Use r2 properly, you do not go fot tackles, use the cursor key undmanuelle cursor (riht sitck) to keep the defense in shape and fürRäume, then wait for the ai come upon you. sorryformyenglish

  15. MichaelBroadhead7 says:

    07:20 DAYUM! LIONEL MESSI! Amazing goal from the CPU .. amazing. Good gemachtKonami. Can not wait until 14 October.

  16. MichaelBroadhead7 says:

    @ MaxiFreshLecaro 14 October ihe UK release date

  17. enesog says:

    Looks like there is no defense in this game again. You can not Dieball evthough you see anything comming. That really pisses me off.

  18. assyriangabare says:

    @ Munmaster7 you know know anything about the online, here in out if his customers inEurope, then we will again have delays: (.

  19. anonymousvagrant says:

    @ MichaelBroadhead7 27 September. You are 17 days late 🙂

  20. thesofakillers says:

    I can not believe that people say fifa is better tyan this

  21. dangezzz says:

    Superstar is easier than top player, much easier.

  22. SymphonyOfDestruct99 says:

    @ Enesog hahaha try the demo first and see it for yourself. It is very different compared to previous edition. Second demo is next week (15/9).

  23. MichaelBroadhead7 says:

    @ RomimJr It is the 29th September, but for me in the UK, it is 14 October.

  24. MichaelBroadhead7 says:

    @ RomimJr is only man, for a lot of countries, it is 14 October For the remainder is 29 September.

  25. Barış Çelik says:

    KONAMI has to do something different about online game! They also know not everyone can buy original CD. You should either lower the price game or you do not make it able to play online.

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