PES 2012 Basic Defending Tutorial


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  1. kb4360 says:

    for pc it depends on what controller you use … if you use a ps3 controller follow the ps3 tips and if you use an xbox controller (which is easier) follow the xbox tips

  2. fiz123100 says:

    how to create cool custom boots?

  3. SKools2012 says:

    defending is fine imo, but pes6 was the best. i like how the AI player will also automatic helpout too. But the big issue is the GK !! lol

  4. daveuk2012 says:

    they wouldnt ever do that cause it would cost too much money.

  5. Tot Anakh says:

    Maybe they can’t, but it would be great if they continued ‘side-releases’ with the old Engine, with compatibility to the new consoles.

  6. daveuk2012 says:

    thats exactly what ive said since pec 20009. pes 7 and pes 6 were the dogs bollox. free kicks were amazing i practiced it all day with beckham, roberto carlos. fuckin loved it. but they just cant seem to get a hold of the new generation consoles.

  7. Tot Anakh says:

    Yeah… The old ones… I wish they just continued with the same Graphic Engine, no matter what these reviews would say, it will stay fantastic.

  8. alin coman says:

    both games are good in different ways…

  9. andiripstik says:

    hey dude please can you do the same video! for PC. please

  10. AlejandroCespedes1 says:

    is play soccer easy? u tell me.

  11. Zafar Khan says:

    The things which i hate in pes are:
    1. Xavi, iniesta, villa, messi , ronaldo , rooney ETC all great players have NO DIFFERENCE at all.All players are equal.
    2. Passing is 100% accurate.No wrong passes.In real it is not.
    3. Cartoon like graphics. Players look WIERD.
    4. SO typical to handle options.100s of options.
    5. So many bloopers

  12. DamienWhytewater says:

    PES used to be simple and a lot of fun, anyone could pick it up and play. I still play the older games from the series with my Dad. He’s pretty good at it too and he’s hardly a hardcore gamer. Now the series is designed for people with nothing better to do than spend 100+ hours learning how to do straightforward shit in this game. Cut it out Konami, make it simple and unrealistic, like the good old days…

  13. smssuper says:

    U r absolutely right. thousand times worse than the last best one “pes 2011”.

  14. iSticazzi teleshow says:

    guarda i video di iSTICAZZI teleshow (perfavore , stò seguendo il tuo tutorial e grazie a questo sto diventando forte a pes)

  15. iSticazzi teleshow says:


  16. BL00DL3GI0N says:

    Exactly. You have to learn to play the game. Once you learn it, it’s very good. Best pes of this generation, hands down, for me.

  17. BL00DL3GI0N says:

    It’s just hard to learn and AI is very good so yeah, it’s hard to score and to defend as it should be. You can lower the difficulty level and learn to play. Once you learn to play the game, it’s actually petty good even though shooting could use more freedom.

  18. TheSickestdan says:

    because you dont have skill to play PES,
    i played 236 match on pes 12,and i scored 687 goal
    on professional mode

  19. robertitojgv says:

    I believe PES is pretty good now, sure has some shortcomings and things should be corrected in the next version of the game. Overall the game play is better than the last 3 years put together. I went to Fifa after the shit games Konami put out in 09 and 2010. Now I think PES went back to being the better game. Sure Fifa looks better and has a few perks here and there, but I see no improvement during the last 2 years. EA is just turning FIFA into the new madden and it’s not the right direction.

  20. TheJmsjose says:

    dont like it ? then why look at vids ?

  21. hafizlemot says:

    PES is good because you have unlimited options

  22. TheHotelSoap says:

    Fifa wins in everything but Pes wins in tactics and passing and thats what really matters to me. Creativity…in fifa you will end up getting the same style goals over and over in PES there is so much creativity and different options and play styles.

  23. AoshiSando says:

    i’m a pes fan too. i’ve played all ISS,WE,PES until 2012.For me ps2 PES were the best, but once you mastered’em, they became bored. In short, beat brazil playing with china on 6 stars wasn’t that hard, so the game were not challenging anymore.So i think in some way is better the harder passes (even a +80 tech can mess it up passing/receiving) or the AI great offense, in general, the harder to score, because make it funnier and harder to master the game. Once you get the timing, it’snt that hard.

  24. Evrain64 says:

    FIFA’s flaws all come from the laziness of the devs, the horrible technical choices and the predetermined nature of inputs. PES is, as you said, completely freestyle, and AI calculations are made on the actual movement of the players.

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