PES 2012 Bicycle Kick Tutorial – Skills Tutorial 3

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23 Responses to PES 2012 Bicycle Kick Tutorial – Skills Tutorial 3

  1. Hrayr Sahakyan says:

    it’s fake the original song is Gym Class Heroes-Take a look at my girlfriend

  2. Vasu BangZ says:

    for ps2 ?

  3. JCRocky5 says:

    That’s not a bicycle kick oO that’s a scissor kick, but still nice none the less.

  4. MrEndi99 says:

    how do you get that controller ??? what program do you use to edit videos

  5. LETSPES says:

    Darren Styles – Take a Look at My Girlfriend (Remix)

  6. rokkettaro1 says:

    Name of the song? I’ll give a thumb up

  7. sly971gw says:

    PES !!

  8. rhinux says:

    porfavor ayuda con el titulo de la cancion y muy buen tutorial excelente…

  9. lando786 says:

    Awesome vid. But warning: mute video first 5 seconds.

  10. PESEVOLUTION99 says:

    Awesome! Nice Men!

  11. Icaross2011 says:

    Esse botão ehh representado em q no controle Tradicional?

  12. ayrton1888 says:

    se ve para el oto esto

  13. majky358 says:

    controlling in fifa is much better

  14. Lox Man says:

    amazing nice tuto pes 2012 the best !

  15. rokkettaro1 says:

    Title of the song?

  16. Danny94James says:

    How do you do this on a PS3?

  17. predator299 says:

    explain this on PS 2 joypad pls!

  18. NewUnsignedMusicUK says:

    Good vid, this will help me



  20. FOOTBALLCHANNEL1hd says:

    Great tut

  21. SPORTCHANNELhd says:

    nice vid

  22. luke3t6 says:



  23. LETSPES says:

    Thanks :)

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