PES 2012 Football Life


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  1. Daniel Bezzina says:

    Thnx a lot for the info and gd game that was combined very tacticakky: D

  2. William Mackenzie says:

    I actually play football

  3. smileyfacelol101 says:

    Good video! But I have to say that you can unlock club team in the business!

  4. TheBudakSkema says:

    and they say fifa is better than pes .. LOL

  5. TheMaxrulez says:

    @ TheWmackenzie u can ..

  6. logamvsmetal says:

    it is better to actually play on the court than on the controller

  7. William Mackenzie says:

    why can not we talk about the real players?

  8. morzartlapara says:

    awesome game

  9. cosss13 says:

    Sal vreau sa fac si eu Stiu cum in PES 2012 Master League la la Fotball life cand imi Aleg Echipa sa fie cu jucatorii a [Adica daca Aleg Steaua Bucuresti pe sa mi dea Tanase, Tatarusanu Gardos, etc.] … a imi da o Echipa [ex jucatori: Jaric, Dodo, Ettori, Ordaz] mersi dau fundamentally

  10. Ahmed Al Harthy says:

    yes you can ..

  11. roryisawesome1 says:

    thought 3 weeks ago yesterday ordered

  12. GamerRobo says:

    ur so shit

  13. PivotMakeranimations says:


  14. hola hola says:

    I want to know how I can play a full game of football life without getting tired

  15. D Jack says:

    Haha. Exactly what I thought.

  16. KillaMessi10 says:

    Why does not EA have this shit?

  17. hi51113 says:

    I was in the Become a Legend to Valencia as a club Stared my happiness

  18. ymBoy11 says:

    How does the youth acadamy work? and you can edit a player appearance during the Champions League?, such as changing his boots for the next game

  19. Gamin True Story says:

    you can get a vid for walkthrought in the Master League Online and legends online?

  20. iDunno407 says:

    going negotiations (I think), then go to recruit or

  21. Markopolo4321234 says:

    I’m pes play about 5-6 months, and I know everyone in the Master League (100%), so you can ask me your questions 😉

  22. nightphilips says:

    im trying to buy great players, I have enough money, but my current scout is very weak, as I change my scout?

  23. 1Playstationworld says:

    You need to go to Tools, and buy the unlocks with PES points. Not to mention, sub and register our website for more guides!

  24. Rahul Verma says:

    @ 1Playstationworld I tried always original game mode player on my football life campaign, but I could not. Is there a way to do it?

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