PES 2012 Game-Play Premiere


16 Responses to “PES 2012 Game-Play Premiere”

  1. mytham1 says:

    With the amount of improvement these games have improved, slowly every game will need 90 minutes to be played out !!!!!

  2. Millosssss says:

    al cemo da picimo pes do rane zore 😀 cips-pivo i gaziiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. TheTheshy says:

    good game

  4. avaXmovieS says:

    If you think pes is better you are sick man!!!

  5. Rookie605 says:

    Check out the gameplay video I just uploaded at my channel !

  6. Rokalacs says:

    FINALLY the improved team AI…

  7. raymi9612 says:

    I really think it’s better then PES 2011, but the curiosity kills me if will be better then FIFA, altough I’m a PES fan.

  8. 1214gooner says:

    FIFA 11 AI was laughable… Your ignorant and clueless if you don’t agree… 

  9. Ramboo339 says:

    Why did they change the gauge meter :l no1 complained about it yet they changed it to some gay gauge meter

  10. themg6 says:

    lol fifa just show all his features since the preview and at the end you always regret not buying pes
    that wont happen to me again 😛
    fifa dont suck just pes is better

  11. mudjahedjin says:

    I am a big fan of pes..i’m playing since the first one that konami published!i love it.
    a few months ago i played fifa 11 on pc!!nad it was awesome!for real!! it has excellent gameplay,excellent movement,it really is great!i’m still playing pes 2011 because of my friends!!but i have the opinion that fifa 11 is better…and i think that fifa 12 will be better too…

  12. Dallebo says:

    lol. fifa 11 was shit. pes 2011 was alright. Im not a fanboy, I always buy both games but please admit that pes has gotten better than fifa

  13. daanny81 says:

    a.i looking good but fifa 12 gone be better

  14. yekcoj06 says:

    the best

  15. helichs says:


  16. pesser says:


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